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Star: N/A

Origin: Sol-Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Princess

Born: IS 424

Death: IS 450

The younger sister of Queen Arshtat and aunt to the Prince and Lymsleia, Lady Sialeeds is a fun-loving, easy-going royal with a penchant for punching any who try to raise her from her characteristically late slumber. Her job is to observe the world and the people on the Queen's behalf.

Lady Sialeeds was subject to the brutal succession war of her mother, Falzrahm, and aunt, Shahrewar, during most of her childhood. After her mother became Queen, Sialeeds was engaged to young Gizel Godwin to prevent the Barows family from becoming too powerful. Although the reason was purely political, Sialeeds was happy with the marriage. However, when Falzrahm died, the three princesses of Falena: Arshtat; Sialeeds; and Haswar, the daughter of Shahrewar, entered into a pact. Arshtat would become Queen, and Haswar and Sialeeds both would vow never to get married, have children, or have designs over the throne. Because of this Sialeeds had to cancel her engagement to Gizel.

When the Prince became older, he often accompanied Sialeeds on tours. She often served as a guide, having been to all of the areas and met many of the people before. Lordlake was one such tour. She was saddened by the tragedy, but, unlike the others traveling with her, she knew why Lordlake had suffered like this. Despite this knowledge, it does not stop her from sympathizing with the people there, believing Arshtat went too far with the Sun Rune.

In Stormfist, Sialeeds cancels the banquet offer from the Godwins and enjoys the idea of delving into the intrigue of Shoon's plot. She is very suspicious and thinks Gizel has something to do with it immediately after she learns it is Zegai, Barows's gladiator and front-running candidate for the Sacred Games. But Sialeeds has no evidence to help Zegai, and similarly has no evidence to prove Gizel had Belcoot drugged. The best the royals can do is a similar facade: to plan against Gizel while taking no direct action, and acting like nothing had gone wrong.

Sialeeds also goes with Lym on her pre-engagement rites. Sialeeds's quick thinking allows the tense situation between the royal family and the people not to sour further when Logg and Lun, two sailors from Raftfleet, were caught mining for gold dust in Lunas, a capital offense. Sialeeds decides to directly negotiate and let Raja take care of them.

Returning to Sol-Falena, Sialeeds plans along with Arshtat and Ferid, what to do when Gizel eventually tries to make a coup attempt. Even though Sialeeds, like the Prince, has no designs over the throne, they are too dangerous to leave alive. The plan is made, and when Gizel strikes following the engagement banquet, Sialeeds is ready for them. The Prince, Lyon, and Lady Sialeeds can handle assassins on their own, but when Childerich and Dolph come looking for them, they barely manage to escape thanks to Kyle and Zegai. She worries about the Sun Rune, but Kyle is already headed to secure it, so Sialeeds just needs to escape. She does so, and flees to the East Palace, then to Lunas, and finally, to Barows territory.

Sialeeds is not keen in the slightest about working with Lord Barows, knowing he just wants to use the two deposed royals as figureheads and consolidate his own power. But she can't do anything yet because they require Barows's resources.

Sialeeds informs the Prince of Lady Merces, but is mercifully brief about the woman and never responds to questions about her. When the lady shows up to defend Raftfleet, Sialeeds can hardly believe it.

Within the Prince's army, Sialeeds lends her political maneuvering, quick thinking, and magical aptitude to his cause. When she hears of the "Bandit Prince" in Sable, Sialeeds immediately offers to go and settle his hash. When she learns the truth, though, that it is one of Euram's plots, she instantly creates a counter-strategy and exposes him as a fraud.

It isn't until Doraat when Sialeeds changes. Instantly noticing, along with Zerase, that the Twilight Rune was used, Sialeeds opts to go around to the back of the fortress in case the bearer of the rune tries to get away. While back there, Sialeeds meets Dolph. Although it is unknown what they talk about, Sialeeds emerges from Doraat with an entire different attitude.

During the Queen's Campaign, Sialeeds goes with the Prince to rescue Lym, but when the royals meets, Sialeeds abducts Lym. Sialeeds turns her magic on the Prince, preventing him from following her.

At Sol-Falena palace, she is cold to Gizel and is accepting of Lym's criticism. Gizel asks if Sialeeds is regretting her decisions, but she asserts that she doesn't, and that she hasn't even switched sides in the conflict.

After the alliance with Armes crumbles, Sialeeds is sent to Stormfist with Childerich and Dolph. Before she leaves, she is asked to bear the Twilight Rune. Although Alenia failed to use it properly, the rune allows itself to be used by the princess. Her actions are noticeably erratic, the Rune used against both the Prince and Childerich, attacking her nephew as he reaches the city, and destroying Childerich's ambush. When she meets the Prince in Gizel's room in Godwin Castle, she shows him the rune, and attacks him with it. She shows great power with the rune, but the Prince manages to fend it off. She calls the Prince a worthy opponent, and uses her magic to escape, telling her to follow her to Sol-Falena.

Sialeeds pulls Godwin troops out of Rainwall, and delivers this message to Lord Barows. When she turns to leave however, she abruptly kills the Senator.

When the Prince moves to attack Sol-Falena, Sialeeds is waiting for him at the dam south of the city. It appears as though Sialeeds will destroy the dam and wipe out Raftfleet in a flood attack. The Prince and Lyon, having recently recovered from Dolph's attack, move to stop her. Sialeeds tells them to get away, but it's too late, the Godwin have started to use the Sun Rune. The True Rune destroys the dam, but the power of the Dawn and Twilight Runes protect the Prince's party. The Godwins use the Sun Rune again, and so, Zerase tells the Prince and Sialeeds to use their runes to seal the Sun Rune for a time. They do so, but the strain is far too much for Sialeeds, who had been attacked in battle. The Twilight Rune passes to Lyon, and Sialeeds lies dying.

Sialeeds confesses to Lucretia that she didn't think the Prince could properly clean up the Senate without problems down the road, so Sialeeds got rid of them all at once. Lucretia tells her that she understands, but her logic is no different from Lord Godwin's. Sialeeds's final words express her loathing of Lucretia.

Sialeeds is among the shades seen in the memory of the Sun Rune. She congratulates her nephew wordlessly, and beams with pride with Ferid as Arshtat hugs her son one last time. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)