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We Fight On
We Fight On
So, at first I was going to do Arshtat. Then the Maximillian Knights invaded. Unfortunately it took a bit to actually put Fred in a pose that he would cooperate with. Originally he was gonna be fighting a monster, but it wasn´t working out, so he gets fireballed instead. ^_^; Done in Painter and Photoshop. Making fire is fun.

- Harmonia no Kenshi

see Harmonia no Kenshi's website

Yoshitaka Murayama has passed away

Today, Rabbit and Bear Studios announced the passing of Yoshitaka Murayama, the creator of Suikoden and Eiyuden Chronicles, due to complications from an ongoing illness.

Our thoughts go out to Murayama's family, friends, and colleagues.

More Information via Nintendolife

Suikoden I and II Remasters Announced

Konami announced remasters of Suikoden and Suikoden II at the Tokyo Game Show today!

The games will feature improved backgrounds, lighting, effects, and quality of life features. Junko Kawano has also made updated character portraits.

The collection will be released for PS4, XBox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Check out the Announcement Trailer

Check out the discussion thread on the Suikosource forums

Suikothon III

Suikothon III is coming up! From September 22 to 26, RPG Limit Break will be hosting the third annual Suikoden speedrunning marathon. 9 Streamers, 11 games (including Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising), 16 speedruns.

You can catch Suikothon III on RPG Limit Break's Twitch Channel

See the full schedule.

Stardle updates

Since release, Stardle has been updated quite a bit. Instead of just a silhouette guessing game, the silhouette is now optional so you can play it like a logic puzzle game. More clues have been added to make this possible. For more details, the 'How to Play' button within stardle has a release history with each change.Play Stardle here!

Play Stardle on Suikosource!

We've released a new daily game, Stardle, on the Suikosource site, made in the style of daily games like Wordle. The way it works is that you are shown the silhouette of a different Suikoden character every day (specifically, a Star of Destiny from games 1-5), and you have eight guesses to figure out who it is. After each guess, you are given a clue based on that guess. Play it here: Stardle

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports about the game, use this forum topic: Stardle forum topic

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Released!

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising is the companion game to Suikoden's spiritual successor Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes. Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising is an action RPG set in the same world as Hundred Heroes.

Rising released yesterday, and we've opened up a few Suikosource forums for discussion about the game

The Real Criteria for --spoiler--

Suikosource community member psychedelist compiled a number of corrections to Suikoden II information on Suikosource. One of the corrections pertains to a certain late-game event that famously requires the player to pick a dialogue option very fast before it goes away. We now know the criteria for getting through this event successfully in more detail! You can see the spoilerific details on the Suikoden II Secrets Page

We're back!

Hello! For a long time, we've been unable to post content to the front page, as a result of site downtime in 2018. We are currently testing a way to update the site again. See you soon!

New In-Depth Analysis

Take a look at what could have been in Suikoden in this guide to the content that was ultimately cut from the finished game but still remains in some capacity on the disc.

Sukoden In-Depth Analysis: Cut Content

New Guides

Demon Hound

Suikoden I: Missables List
This list includes all characters and items, that can be missed forever and cannot be obtained at a later time or by a second chance. It should be interesting for collecting issues/perfect files.

Suikoden I: Magic Point Guide (Update)
The table is now complete and lists all MP up to 9/9/9/9.

Suikoden Tactics: Initial Runes / Rune Slot List
A list of initial runes and rune slot info.

Suikoden Tactics: Magic Points Guide
The guide details the Magic (Mages & Lazlo) or Skill (Fighters & Supporters) stats at which magic points are received.

Suikoden III Data Transfer solution

Upset that you can't load your data into the newly released PS2 Classic version of Suikoden III and get the extra plays? Don't be. Thanks to John Layfield of Gensopedia you now can.

Thanks to his creation of a base save you can now start a new game with data from Suikoden I and II, though you won't be able to change the names of McDohl and Riou. Do note that you will lose any progress you've made thus far if you overwrite the save so you will have to start over.

Instruction and files for both US and EU found here

Suikoden III coming to US/EU PSN

Suikoden III will be released as PS2 Classic in the U.S. next week, on the 23rd.

Update: It will also be available in the EU on the same day as an import classic.

Source: Suikoden III comes to PSN

Duel Guides Updated

Matilda Knight

Our old Duel Guides have been updated to include any missed lines as well as be easier to read and be more uniform across the games. We've also included some unused information in them.

We've also updated the way our Memorable Scenes for Suikoden V work and they can now be viewed in your browser.

Suikoden Duel Guide

Suikoden II Duel Guide

Suikoden III Duel Guide

Suikoden V Memorable Scenes

Official Facebook Page launched!

We've decided to branch out a little, and have launched our own official Facebook page! Head over to the following link and give it a Like, if you will!

News will be shared over there in addition to the site's newsfeed, and will occasionally have other random news, questions, trivia, etc., from some of our admins here. Thanks in advance for following!

Konami USA twitch channel now playing Suikoden IV

Yuichi at Konami started playing Suikoden IV on the official Konami USA stream! Show your support and hang out with him as he plays for the first time: every weekday at 3:30-5:30 PST / 6:30-8:30 EST

Suikoden III coming to EU PSN?

Suikoden III has been rated by PEGI for release on Playstation 3 in Europe, most likely as a PS2 Classic.

This would make the first time Suikoden III is officially released in Europe, though what this means for data transfer and NTSC/PAL is currently unknown.

There's no news on a US release at this time.

Source: PEGI rating for Suikoden III

Suikoden III becomes a PS2 Classic in Japan

Suikoden III will be released as PS2 Classic in Japan next week, on April 15th.

There's no news at this time on any potential western release.

Source: Suikoden III becomes a PS2 Classic

Thanks to Antimatzist for the heads up.

New Suikoden II Guide: Bugs

A new in depth analysis for Suikoden II by Pyriel. A set of analyses of the various bugs in the game, ported from the now defunct wiki. Individual fixes and patches are also accessible from the listing.

Suikoden II Bugs Guide

Suikoden I and II coming to EU PSN

Konami has confirmed that Suikoden and Suikoden II will finally arrive on the EU PSN service in January 2015.

If you haven't gotten hold of either game till now, here is your chance to support the series.

Source: Suikoden I and II coming to EU PSN

Suikoden II coming to PSN December 9th

Suikoden II has finally been confirmed as a PS1 Classic to be released on December 9th in the US. Be sure to get your copy of this classic if you haven't already and show your support for the series.

Sadly there's no news on either Suikoden or Suikoden II coming to the EU PSN at this time.

Source: Suikoden II coming to PSN

Thanks to Pyriel for the heads up.

ESRB's rating of Suikoden II reappears

In April the ESRB updated their rating for Suikoden II to include PS3 but later removed it. Now it has reappeared along with being rated for PSP and Vita. Is Suikoden II finally coming to PSN in the US?

Konami Streaming Suikoden II

Konami is currently streaming a playthrough of Suikoden II on their twitch channel, weekdays at 3:30 PST. Go check it out to show your support for the series.

New Suikoden V Guide: Bestiary

A bestiary for Suikoden V has been uploaded.

Includes all stats, weaknesses and item drops. Sortable by almost any parameter.

Suikoden V Bestiary

Suikoden II finally coming to PSN?

Suikoden II may be heading to the PSN store soon as it has been rated for the Playstation 3 from Sony by the ESRB. This is either a good indication it's coming as a PSOne Classic or a mistake. We at Suikosource are holding our collective thumbs it's the first.

This would only apply to the US Playstation Store at the moment.