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Star: Tenkyu

Origin: New Armes Kingdom

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Commander

Born: IS 420

Death: N/A

The Commander of the Armes Western Marine Corps, Commander Vayla is the eldest son of the Vayla family, an influential family in one of Armes's major clans, the Madras Clan. The Madras Clan, along with King Jalat's Ishvaak Clan, prefers to make peace with Falena. However, the Darja Clan is militant, and managed to convince members of the Grand Council of Chieftains to side with the Godwins and invade Falena to defeat the Prince's royalist army. Shula's Western Marine Corps are deployed, but only to keep Commander Sparna of the Southern Mountain Corps from engaging in large-scale destruction of Falenan citizens and towns.

Shula's forces invade Estrise, but don't engage in any battles. A few minor skirmishes, all intitated from Estrise's end, was the only combat the Western Marine Corps saw. Alenia attempted to get them into action, but Shula did not pay her much attention. After the Southern Marine Corps and Childerich's forces were driven back, Alenia tried again to get them to move, but Shula responded that his vacation was over, and that the Island Nations fleet was sailing towards Falena. Shula then returned to Armes without incident, but not before asking Sharmista to tell the troops not to buy too many gifts for those back home: a shortage of goods in Estrise will cause inflation, and that would be rude to their hosts.

After Commander Sparna flees back to Armes in disgrace, leaving Jidan Guisu to die, King Jalat opts to support the Prince's forces. Shula is dispatched, along with Nifsara and Sharmista, to Falena. Shula visits Yashuna Village hoping to talk diplomacy over the hot springs, but the hot springs have gone dry. However, he still gets a message to the Prince's forces, where he meets the Prince face-to-face, as well as Lucretia Merces, Cius, and Lelei. Although Cius does not get along with Shula in the slightest, calling him an 'androgynous freak', Lucretia is intrigued by his offer of assistance, and the Prince accepts his aid.

Shula initially wanted to see what kind of man the Prince was, and what kind of person he would be in a position of relative power. He is glad he made the trip to Falena, and believes that Armes would benefit immensely with an open-minded person like him around.

Shula is Josephine's older brother, and is often put out by his younger sister's eccentric antics. He is always quick to remind her of what things look at from a diplomatic perspective

After the war, Shula helps handle things when the official peace envoy from Armes arrives. Shula is later elected as ambassador to Falena, where he resides with Sharmista. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Automatically joins you in Yashuna Village after he sends for you. This will take place after the liberation of Sable.