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Star: Tenman/Tentai

Origin: Kobold Forest

Events: Dunan Unification War


Born: IS 291

Death: N/A

Sigfried is a unicorn that has lived deep within the Kobold Forest for over 200 years. He has tested the bravery of many warriors in the past through a trial, but no one has come to take the trial for a long time; long enough for even the oldest Kobold in the village to consider the trial a mere legend. However, when Hix and Tengaar came for the trial, they were met by suprise when Sigfried suddenly appeared and threatened Hix by telling him that he would be killed if he did not give Tengaar over. Hix stood his ground and Sigfried simply disappeared.

Later on, when Riou visited the forest with a Listening Crystal, Sigfried appeared and with the aid of a maiden, he joined the Allied Forces. After the war, he returned to the forest. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Go through the Path of the Unicorn with a pure maiden in the party. Use one of Badeaux's Listening Crystals.
Note: Hix and Tengaar must be recruited. Most young females are considered pure maidens, as are Mikumiku and Sierra.