<< Snowe Vingerhut Solis Raulbel (Lord) Solon Jhee >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Sable

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Noble

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The noble Lord of Sable, Lord Raulbel is among one of the few of the nobility in Falena that has not “rotted to the core,” according to Sialeeds.

Solis is a relative neewcomer to his title, his family nobility only stretching back a few generations. He is good friends with General Dinn, married to Melissa, and has a daughter, Salisha.

Initially, Sable was a supporter of the Prince when he was a member of Lord Barows’s camp, and sent Dinn to assist, but after Lord Barows’s treachery, Sable turned neutral, and Solis recalled Dinn. Lucretia wishes that negotiations could have gone through with Sable, as neutral parties don’t help the cause.

When the Bandit Prince plot came about in Sable, Solis didn’t believe the Prince was a bandit, but the people of Sable weren’t so sure. Lord Solis offered the Prince lodging in his house until he could catch the real bandit. When Sialeeds shows up with Roy in tow, Solis thinks that it was a plot to prevent an alliance with Sable, but Sialeeds tells him the truth, and asks for his assistance to expose the real plot. When the mastermind, Euram Barows, is exposed and the Prince’s name cleared, Solis thanks the Prince. Without allies, Sable could have been sandwiched by Godwin, with nowhere to flee since their only neighbor is the hostile nation of Armes. He joins with the Prince’s camp, sending Dinn as his representative while he manages the affairs of Sable. - Matt620