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Falena : Raftfleet

Industry: Fishing

Aptly named, Raftfleet is a collection of small fishing ships that have banded together to form a 'fleet' of sorts - really more of a floating town, one that can move along the Feitas River as often as it wants, for any reason.

Although not isolationists, the inhabitants of Raftfleet are a laid-back bunch, who don't care much for the internal squabbles of the Queendom. This brings contempt from hardline, militaristic factions like the Godwins.

The flagship of Raftfleet is the Dahak, a large boat with a scary-looking dragon on its bow. Raftfleet is led by Raja, the former commander of the Falenan Royal Navy, who protects the interests of Raftfleet with great cunning and wisdom.

KoRnholio's comment:
Brilliant capitalists, also. You actually have to walk through shops here to get to other shops. Talk about product placement! Come looking for armor, and you'll have wasted all your money on weapon sharpening and Graffiti appraisal by the time you get there.