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Star: Tenki

Origin: Unknown

Events: Dunan Unification War, Higheast Rebellion

Position: Army Strategist

Born: IS 435

Death: N/A

Shu was a student under Mathiu Silverberg when he was a child. Under Mathiu, he learned everything about military strategy. Mathiu saw great potential in this young pupil. However, Shu used his knowledge for personal gain and was cast out from Mathiu's school. Since then, Shu has become a trader. With his uncanny grasp of the movements in the world, he quickly became rich through trading. During the Dunan Unification War, the Allied Forces asked Shu to join them. He initially refused, but with persistant begging by Apple and Riou, he agreed and quickly whipped the Allied Forces into shape by scoring an initial victory against the Highland Army, resulting in the execution of Solon Jhee. He quickly devised cunning strategies to rally support from other city-states and established an alliance with the Toran Republic. However, Leon Silverberg suddenly sides with the Highland Army and causes dusruption to Shu's plans. However, Leon helped Shu defeat Luca Blight by informing him of a planned night raid and Shu did not let that chance go by.

Throughout the war, Shu's attitude towards military strategy had transformed. Originally, his philosophy was identical to Leon Silverberg's philosophy, where soldiers were pawns and strategists were never supposed to risk themselves. However, with the influence of Apple and Nanami, he started to see that it is sometimes necessary to put himself on the line in order to truly win. In the end, he leads the Allied Forces to victory after he defeats Leon Silverberg. After the war, he became the Chancellor for the new Allied Nation while awaiting the return of Riou to his rightful post. He later retires, but then is brought out of retirement by the Higheast Rebellion, in which he secretly planned a plot to cause internal discord within Harmonia, which caused them to withdraw from the Highland territory. - Blue Moon

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after finding the gold coin in Radat.