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The runes list contains every rune from the Suikoden games.
You'll find their corresponding rune-type, element and parent/children runes (if exist).

Due to some mistranslations and name changes from one installment to the other, some runes are listed twice. Yet they refer to the same page.

Gameplay Data
Rune Types
MagicRunes which enable up to 4 (sometimes less) magic spells.
These require and consume MP corrsponding to their Lv (1-4).
Spells can be used in battle and sometimes on the field as well.
MGC stat of the caster will be added to the base value (Suikoden I uses MGC/2) in battle.
Spells check for MDEF (no check in Suikoden I) and element (if exist).

Some spells can be combined to Unite Magic.
CommandRunes which add commands in battle.
Some runes require certain weapon types or character attributes.
Commands can be used unlimited times unless otherwise noted.
Command runes require MP of physical fighter type characters (Suikoden Tactics only).
EffectPassive effects that comes into operation as long as the rune is attached.
Effect always apply to wielder unless otherwise noted.
Offensive effects always inure by using the "Attack" command.
PieceRune pieces which can be embedded to the weapon (Suikoden I and IV only):
Add up to 9 of the same pieces per weapon; using another piece and the former will be lost (Suikoden I).
Add up to 20 of any pieces per weapon; only the highest quantity is taken into account or last piece added in case of tie (Suikoden IV).
Some pieces can be used as items (Suikoden I and V only) or customizing (Suikoden IV only).
SpecialStory related runes.
Rune Slots
Right Hand
Left Hand
Collectors Rank
Very Easy
Very Hard
N/ACannot be bought or sold.
Bits / PotchValue and purchase price.
Selling price is always half as much.
Characters who have it initially equipped / receive it by a story event
Shops and salesmen
Enemies who drop it
Treasures, gifts, mini-games and other locations
Element Check Table
HolyIII  V  
DarknessIII IVV 
Blinking  IIIIV  II + V: Blinking Rune is considered as non-elemental
Shield IIIII   III: Affinity only; V: Shield Rune is considered as Holy
Punishment   IV TV: Rune of Condemnation is considered as Darkness
Sun    V  
Star    V  
Sound    V Affinity only
Additional Info
Rune Affinities
GameRuleMore Info
Suikoden IEquipping an elemental rune reduces the corresponding elemental damage taken. 
Suikoden IIFixed per characterS2 Rune Affinity Table
Suikoden IIIDepends on magic skills.
Can be altered by equipment as well.
S3 Skill List
Suikoden IVFixed per characterS4 Rune Affinity Table
Suikoden VDepends on predetermined skills.
Can be altered by equipment.
Visible on the status screen.
Suikoden TacticsDepends on magic skills, which can be upgraded and altered by equipment.
The max level S increases the spell's cast range by 1.