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Star: N/A

Origin: Highland

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: General of the Third Highland Army

Born: IS 435

Death: IS 460

Seed grew up as a peasant within the Highland Kingdom. With his exceptional skill with a sword and a rune, he quickly rose up in rank and became a captain under General Solon Jhee. After Solon Jhee's execution, he was promoted to Vice-General after Culgan was promoted to general and after the defection of Kiba, he was promoted to general of the 3rd Army. As a warrior, he is well known for his ruthlessness in battle and is thus referred to as the Flaming General. However, he is skilled with the use of the Flowing Rune. Also, when he was pursuing the Harmonian spy, Nash Latkje, he was struck by Nash's poison-laden attack and was defeated. Thanks to Culgan, however, he was able to keep his life. Following the invasion of Highland by the Allied Army, Seed fought alongside Culgan in a last stand within the Palace of L'Renouille. He was defeated and killed by Riou and his party. - Blue Moon