Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
292 - Obel Royal Entourage Ambushed
Kooluk attacks the Royal Entourage of Obel. The Queen of Obel bears the Rune of Punishment to stop this attack and succeeds, losing her life in the process. The crown prince of Obel is lost in this battle as well.
302 - Island Liberation War Begins
Kooluk plans to expand southward into the Island Nations, and for the next five years will invade island after island. By the end of the war, Iluya will be destroyed, and most islands will have been under Kooluk control or influence at some point.
307 - Island Liberation War Ends
Fort El-Eal, the southern stronghold of the Kooluk Empire, is destroyed by forces from the Island Nations led by another bearer of the Punishment Rune (an orphan), and Kooluk pulls out of the region. The Island Nations Federation is formed, with Lino en Kuldes (previously the King of Obel) the first head of state.
Island Nations
Island Nations
The Island Nations Federation, much like Grassland, is a loose decentralized group of islands to the south of the area that was the Scarlet Moon Empire. During the Island Liberation War, they unified to repel the Kooluk Empire for the first time, and formed the Island Nations Federation.
The Kingdom of Obel was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Island Nations before the unification. It is located in the southeastern portion of the Island Nations. It holds many ruins, including one which has housed the Rune of Punishment.

In the year 292, during the Kooluk-Obel War, enemy ships ambushed the Royal Entourage. The Queen of Obel uses the power of the Rune of Punishment to stop the pirates from destroying the Entourage, she scarificed her life to the rune in the process.

During the Island Liberation War in the year 305, Obel saw the Punishment Rune host, Hero IV. Obel was attacked by Koolulk during his stay there. While King Lino En Kuldes was out defending Obel Hero IV unleashed the power of the rune on the Koolulk ships. Obel couldnt with stand another attack so Lino ordered Hero IV to round up people to escape the Island on the secret ship Lino ordered Tov to build. The ship blew a hole in the warf so the ship could escape, they made it but were forced to leave Princess Flare and Setsu behind. They returned to take the island with a bigger force than what they left with and were succesful.

After the war, Obel became the center of diplomacy for the Island Nations Federation.

Owned by the illustrous businessman Schtolteheim Reinbach II, Middleport used to be part of Gaien until roughly IS 300, when they gained independence. It was a center of commerce, and dealt freely with trade with both Kooluk and the Island Nations navy. They did not officially join either alliance, but allowed both Kooluk and the Island Nations to have unrestricted harbor and trade access.
An island known for their strong warriors, Na-Nal contains two settlements, human and elven, that co-exist, although not very happily. Each settlement secludes themselves from the other, and there is much distrust. The island was taken over early into the Kooluk invasion during the Island Liberation War. However, the commander, Troy. took over the island very peacefully. It wasn't until the Island Nations army came in and attacked the Kooluk that Na-Nal was in trouble. Na-Nal planned to give the soldiers a powerful elven remedy, but the remedy turned out to be a toxic poison, a trick played by the elves to punish the leader of Na-Nal for selling the island, and the Kooluk attacked in retailiation. The Island Nations army defended Na-Nal, and after that Na-Nal pledged their support.
Iluya was virtually destroyed by a large Rune Cannon blast during the Island Liberation War. Iluya also served as a base for Kooluk's forces during the expansion. After the blast there was always rain around the Island that never stopped.

After the war, however, Iluya was rebuilt by survivors and Stars of Destiny of Hero IV's army, and was able to become a center of trade again after just a couple years.

Razril is a bustling port town that used to be a part of Gaien, until the end of the Island Liberation War.. Even though the Knights of Gaien were posted here, Gaien didn't count them as being part of their country. Razril has a knights castle, located at the edge of the town and a backstreet located in the middle, it is usually full of pirates.

Headed by the skilled Commander Glen Cott and his Vice-Commander sorceress Katarina, the Knights of Razril were nearly unmatched with their secret method of communication, nasel birds. However, that secret was found out and Razril was surprise attacked by the Kooluk. They were repelled by Commander Glen (who was then the bearer of the Rune of Punishment), but Razril fell when the new commander, Snowe Vingerhut, sold out Razril to the Kooluk in exchange for them not becoming slaves. Gaien never sent aid to re-claim Razril, but the navy of the Island Nations was able to route the Kooluk fleet and re-claim Razril.

Razril gained independence from Gaien after the fall of Kooluk, Katarina became the new Commander and selected the strategist knight Keneth to be the new Vice-Commander.

On the island of Nay exists a kobold village with colorful, often cat-shaped buildings, and inhabited with easygoing Nay-Kobolds who happily coexist with the humans on the island, even if they don't often venture into their settlement. The "Stonecutter's Field" connects the kobold settlement to the human port.
A peaceful island that attracted many older residents, and repels the younger ones (most of them leave to live a far more exciting life in Obel). Nay stayed out of the war between Kooluk and the Island Nations initially. However, after debris and residents from Iluya displaced from the Rune Cannon blast washed up on the shores of Nay, they agreed to help the Island Nations Army fight Kooluk.
Industry: Tourism
Mordo Island is located North West of Obel. Mordo is full of buried treasure. The people who run the bath house always cheat out thier customers when they come to take a bath. During the Island Liberation War, Snowe was found floating on a log near the island.
The main stopping point between the Island Nations and Falena for traders and foreign dignitaries alike, this bustling port attracts a mishmash of tourists, merchants, and pirates. Its remote location also leaves it an ideal place to base special Federation operations from. During Admiral Skald Egan's trip to Falena to witness the coronation of Queen Lymsleia, pirates responded to his presence by locking themselves in the lighthouse an threatening to burn it down. They were soon dispatched, and the lighthouse stood to continue guiding area ships.
Donut Island is shaped like a donut, hence the name 'Donut Island'. Rene the treasure hunter sent off a bottle with a message in it from this island to see if anyone could find her. This island is also full of treasure.
Limestone Shelves is an island full of rock called limestone. There is a large waterfall that runs down the rocks in the middle of the island. This island is also full of treasure.
Mountain Mass Island is located exactly north of Razril and South of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Thi island is full of mountains and treasure. An old ship crashed on this island a long time ago.
Industry: Piratry
The Pirates Nest is the home base for the pirates of the Island Nations. The pirates drink and keep are the treasure they get here.
"Hut", or "Hermitage" Island is located directly west of the Pirates Nest. The famous strategist from the Scarlet Moon Empire, Elenor Silverberg, lived here.
An uninhabited island in the middle of the sea, it is frequented by mermaids, who play here away from humans. But humans found out about it, and the Cray Trading Company caught them to kill them and sell their hides.

After the Island Liberation War, however, the amibitious merchant Chiepoo set up shop here, and was able to use its central location to his advantage, setting up prosperous trade routes throughout the Island Nations Federation and the Kooluk Empire, soon calling the island 'Chiepoo Island'.