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Star: Chiin

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A young mage arts student. When the Ch’olui Mountains vanished, Maybelle vaguely recalled what they were originally supposed to be.

Maybelle was a fanciful dreamer who pretended that she was reincarnated from a Warrior of Light who fell a thousand years prior, when the mountains vanished, not recalling they had only vanished that same year. The Hero encounters her on the mountain, and she starts to think that he, who also remembers the mountains, is another warrior from her story, and her fated lover. He escapes from her overbearing attitude.

Later, she encounters the Hero again at his castle, where she tries to find him and speak to him. However, he throws her out. She hangs around the castle trying to find him, and, when she fawns over him after seeing him leave with an older woman, the Hero gets annoyed and has Maybelle touch his Chronicle, allowing her to differentiate truth from fiction. He tells her that they are not fated lovers, as he is fighting the Order, who believes in such occurrences, and she should join them if that’s what she wants. Heartbroken, she researches the Order and begins to understand. She meets the Hero again, and apologizes for her behavior. She then joins the Company.

She is still infatuated with the Hero, and wonders whether or not he considers other women more attractive. Even after the One King’s fall, she still tries to sneak into the Hero’s room. - Matt620