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Star: Chikei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A member and sharpshooter of the Belfar Agency, Minen is dispatched from Ritterschild with Geschutz and Busche to recover the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia. She gets upset with the Hero when he refuses to show her the Chronicle, only to be stopped by Geschutz. When the Belfar Agency gets the Order to join the Company, Minen finds it odd that the Hero would welcome her so quickly, but she follows order and joins.

Minen comes from an extremely influential noble family, one that founded the Belfar Agency, granting Minen a wide array of contacts, allowing her to research the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia to better aid the Hero’s army. She is also acquainted with Tsuabern, and knows he is a man of some standing in Ritterschild.

After the Order is defeated, Minen takes the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia back to Ritterschild. Although the Belfar Agency is disbanded, Minen helps research the Chronicle and helps create far superior gun technology. - Matt620