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Star: Tensui

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Princess of the Magedom of Janam, Manaril is the second child of Danash VIII and the daughter of the Second Royal Consort, Rizwan. Manaril is known to have a special ability known as “reading” which allows her to transcribe the contents of a Chronicle. The Magedom has used this ability to create their own Mage Arts from the Chronicle of the Ancient Covenant, refining them by reading the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia. Although reading is not the same as seeing the visions from the book that all Starbearers receive, the ability to read the Chronicle is Manaril’s special ability from the mark of the stars.

The process of reading, however, is a great drain on the body of the person doing it, and all readers have perished within a few years of taking up the role. This causes her brother, Prince Shams, no small amount of distress, and so, when Shams hears that the Hero is going to assist Rizwan in some Chronicle research, he arranges it so that the Hero can see what is happening to Manaril, although Shams sends Taj so that the Hero doesn’t do anything reckless.

Although the process exhausts Manaril, she willingly performs the task to please her mother. Manaril persists in reading until the Hero breaks ties with the Magedom. Shams, having predicted that the Hero would do such a thing, asks him to take Manaril with him, something the Hero agrees to do. Manaril follows the Hero, encountering her mother as she leaves the Academy. Rizwan does not attempt to take Manaril back and tells her that she would die soon anyway and needs to look for a new reader.

Manaril defies her father, who is impressed she would speak so gallantly because of the Hero, as Manaril seldom speaks to anyone by Rizwan. After defeating the Mage Lord, Manaril returns to the Hero’s Castle, where she helps Mubal with Chronicle research, although the Hero expressly forbids her from reading. Manaril agrees, as she would not be so reckless with her life considering the effort the Hero put in to save it.

Manaril eagerly shares her knowledge of Chronicles. When Mubal is revealed to be a Starbearer, she recalls learning that Starbearers are not necessarily born with the ability, and those who opinions and positions change suddenly can gain or lose the ability to become one. When Sophia uses the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia to great affect, to where even Asad and Chrodechild were powerless to stop her, Manaril uses a spell used by readers to draw out it’s power. Sophia, unused to such power, is mentally crippled and passes out from exhaustion.

Manaril accompanies the Hero to the Magedom to warn them when they learn that the Order recalls their troops, suspecting another natural disaster like Ladzaa. However, the 10th fusion occurs, obliterating the Magedom. Manaril is extremely distraught, desperately calling in the ruins of El-Qaral for her parents. Afterwards, Manaril apologizes for her behavior, stating that she acted so selfishly when a million people had vanished and she could only think of her own sorrow. She goes to Salsabil and is overjoyed to find Shams alive.

After the One King’s descent, Manaril notices that all of the Chronicles started glowing when the Hero fought him. When the Hero tells her that previously his attacks had no effect on the One King, but when they started glowing, they were working, albeit barely. Manaril speculates that they needed the last Chronicles in order to combat him. Her plan is successful, and allows the One King to be destroyed once and for all.

Manaril devotes herself to Chronicle research after the war ends, helping refine the Mage Arts systems even further. She is aided by Mubal and Sophia, whom Manaril eagerly accepted as a friend despite their rough history. - Matt620