<< Meese Meg Meglon >>

Star: Chikei

Origin: Lenankamp

Events: Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War

Position: Trickster

Born: IS 445

Death: N/A

Meg is the niece of Juppo and wishes to learn more about the art of making trick devices. She constantly chases after him, but Juppo thinks she is not yet ready to pursue his art. She joined the Toran Liberation Army to steal Juppo's skills, but Juppo didn't teach her anything. Instead, Juppo told Meg to explore the world and made his creation, Gadget / Karakurimaru accompany her on her journey.

During her journey, she joined with the Dunan Unification Army and after the Unification Wars, successfully modified Gadget into a fighting machine called "Super Karakuri-Maru". She then traveled toward Crystal Valley with Millie and was later joined by Nash Latkje and Viki. Subsequently Meg had a daughter, Belle, to an unknown father. Later, following being struck by lightning, she had the sudden inspiration for Gadget Z; she then disappeared prompting Belle and Gadget Z to journey in search of her. - Blue Moon