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Star: Tenei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A close friend of the Hero, Marica is the daughter of Elder Rajim and younger sister to Sisuca. Marica joined the Citro Defense Corps over her fatherís protests, wanting to be able to defend the village. She does not join because she thinks it is easy, she genuinely wanted to make a difference as a soldier. She often serves as the moralizing voice of reason to the Heroís brash, impulsive behavior.

Marica is granted the mark of the stars when the Hero comes into contact with the Chronicle of the Shining Legacy. When she returns, she eagerly goes to confront the girl who looks like her, wanting to make sure people didnít think she turned to banditry. After finding her counterpart, Marica accompanies the Hero to Cynas to learn about the strange Chronicles.

Marica eagerly joins in the defense of Citro and helps the Hero repel the Order in Flesaria Forest. After the Magedom of Janam proposes an alliance, Marica accompanies the Hero as representative of Citro, although Marica doesnít believe it amounts to much. She serves as the Heroís right hand throughout his war against the Order.

Marica gains a close affinity to her counterpart, and goes off every so often to her world to check up on her. Marica also gets nervous when members of the Empire of the North Star, who revere war as an offering to the gods, start to gather at the company, and researches it so that she may learn of them.

After the war ends, Marica stays on with the company, keeping the Hero in line. - Matt620