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Star: Tenrou

Origin: Na-Nal

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Guide/Fisherman

Born: IS 295

Death: N/A

A young boy from Na-Nal, he works on Obel as the guide to the ruins, but since no one comes into the ruins, business isn't booming for him. Rakgi steadfastily believes that his father, a bearer of the Rune of Punishment, is alright until Lazlo returns with the rune.

After Lazlo brings the rune to the ruins, Rakgi leaves with his mother, helping Lazlo on the ship. Rakgi in unafraid of the Rune of Punishment, but he expresses to Akaghi that he would not like to have it. Rakgi is very protective of his mom, Rikie, and always looks out for her well-being. After the war, Rakgi becomes a fisherman like his father was. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the second Guard is defeated in the Obel Ruins.