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Star: Chizou

Origin: Black Dragon Island

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: One of the four Master Chefs

Born: IS 416

Death: N/A

A chef from the east, Retso travels the world studying cooking with his daughter, Shun Min.

Although skilled at preparing all kinds of food, Retso's specialty is fish. He wants to learn the secret of the Mythical Fish Sashimi. At his castle, the Prince catches a strange fish, that Subala tells him is no good to eat, no matter how it's cooked. The Prince brings it to Retso, who attempts to prepare the dish. When he tries it, he finds that it does taste awful. Determined to find out how the teacher made the fish taste so good, he joins the Prince's army since the fish are there.

Retso's wife passed away a few years prior to the Sun Rune War. As a single father, [Retso] often feels like an "idiot father" because Shun Min grew up so fast and didn't have much time to be a kid.

Retso makes progress with the Sashimi, and learns that the secret is not in the fish itself, it's in the way the chief moves with his preparation. After the war, Retso perfects the recipe, and locks it away. But then, years later, he meets the chef Jinkai, who convinces him to use the recipe. Shun Min disagreed with this and stole the recipe, giving it to her lover, Hai Yo, to keep safe. But she was killed afterwards. Retso blamed Hai Yo for her death and sent members of the Black Dragon Group after him to get the recipe back. But Hai Yo, who had joined Riou's castle in the Dunan Army, fought off chef after chef, even defeating Gyokoran of Suzaku. Retso decides to handle things himself, and, using his artlike knife work and presentation skills, hypnotizes the judges to make them think Retso had the perfect food. Retso takes the recipe and is about to leave, but Hai Yo tells him the "Moon Bird" recipe is just something to satisfy Jinkai's lust for power. Retso gives Hai Yo another chance, and says he'll return later.

After Hai Yo learns Retso's trick, he comes back and Retso fights fair, but loses. Retso realizes Shun Min was right, and returns the recipe to Hai Yo for safekeeping. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Available after the coronation ceremony and your HQ is upgraded (combined scene). Catch a Weird Fish in Subala's mini-game and bring it to Retso. He's in Raftfleet Inn.