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Star: Tenritsu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Arms Dealer

Born: IS 276

Death: N/A

A dealer in Rune Cannons and a supplier to Kooluk, Ramada went to Middleport to obtain Rune Cannon shells, but was attacked and drifted into [[Gaien]] territory. Ramada opted for a low profile, claiming to head to Illuya as a spice trader. He learns of the secret method of [[Gaien]] communication: nasel birds, thanks to the loose lips of Vice-Commander Katarina, and hired Lazlo and Snowe as escorts to Illuya. On the way, however, they are attacked by the pirate Brandeau, where Ramada first sees the Rune of Punishment. He then hires the pirate Dario to attack Razril, but is first repelled. He orders a second attack, but this time, he uses his own bird to attack and kill all nasel birds, which catches Razril by surprise. Razril is only able to win because Commander Glen, the present bearer of the Rune of Punishment, turned the cursed rune on the ships.

Ramada is then ordered to kill Lazlo, who inherits the Rune after Glen dies. He uses his two ninjas, Akaghi and Mizuki, to surprise-attack Lazlo on Obel, but he turns out to be too strong for them. Ramada asks Lazlo to kill him, but spare the lives of his two comrades. When he is brought to Lino En Kuldes, he is told the truth of the rune, that the user of the rune dies. Ramada realizes that even if they had killed Lazlo, he, Akaghi, or Mizuki would have inherited the rune, and would have been killed by Graham Cray so that he could obtain the rune. Ramada decides to work for Lino En Kuldes, and orders Akaghi and Mizuki to work for Lazlo. Akaghi is reluctant, but Mizuki readily agrees.

Ramada is very protective of Akaghi and Mizuki, and is like a father figure to them. During the war, Ramada goes to Kooluk to spy, and encounters the Governor, who tells him the truth about Cray. Ramada intends to return to Lazlo, but is caught by Cray. Although he tries to cleverly lie his way out, Ramada is taken prisoner.

Later, when Elenor comes to meet Cray, he attacks her, but Ramada shields her with his body. He is taken back to the ship, survives the attack, and establishes a trading company after the war.

Ramada remains close to his old allies, now in the government of the Island Nations Federation. When Lino en Kuldes recruits fighters to join Kyril on his incursion into Kooluk, Ramada, while not able to go himself, points Kyril towards Maxine, who ends up helping. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after defeating Akaghi and Mizuki in battle.