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Star: Chiki

Origin: Gordius Village

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Commander of Dragon Cavalry

Born: IS 422

Death: N/A

One of the highest-ranking Dragon Cavalry members, Rahal is one of Commander Laden's highest ranking advisors.

Rahal grew up in Sauronix Castle, and was friends and sparring partners with Miakis. Rahal's sister is Rania, and the two of them look a lot alike. Because of this, they would often change clothes and disguise themselves as each other.

Rahal's dragon horse partner is Flail, and the two of them are often seen with Roog and his mount Lance. The two of them were the head of the Dragon Cavalry exhibition during the Sacred Games.

Because the Dragon Cavalry's strict rules regarding internal affairs, the cavalry cannot help either Lord Godwin or the Prince unless the opponent allies with a foreign power that invades Falenan soil. Because of Lord Barows's cover-up, the Cavalry could not detect Armes's involvement, and apologized to the Prince when he informed them of it in Raftfleet. The level-headed Rahal advises Roog to forget about teaching Lord Barows a lesson. He tells the Prince the cavalry shall devote itself to intelligence and surveillance, to prevent such an act from happening again.

Rahal returns to Sauronix Castle. The Prince stopped by there once to inform Commander Laden of Godwin's sesperation and how they might use Lym's coronation to make an alliance with a foreign power.

When Armes invades, Rahal is surprised when the order to ride out is not given. Craig refuses to answer why this is so. Because of this, Rahal joins the Prince's army. Eventually, it is discovered that the Godwins are holding the dragon horse foals and eggs hostage. The cave is located in Gordius Village. Since there are no women in Gordius, Rahal disguises himself as one to distract the guards and knocks them out.

Inside the cave, Yoran played the flute to make a dragon horse foal, Ax, sing. The assassins were distracted and Rahal attacked. However, they were engaged in a standoff by Dolph, and only Nick's awful flute playing disoriented Dolph enough to protect them.

After this, the cavalry joins the Prince. Rahal rides with Flail once again and fights to defeat the Godwins. After the war, Craig realizes how his inflexibility caused such problems. He resigned his post to Rahal and Rahal takes on the job of reforming the cavalry. One change he makes is to open the cavalry ranks to women. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after meeting with Craig Laden in Sauronix Castle.

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