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Star: Tengou

Origin: Two River

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: General

Born: IS 430

Death: N/A

Ridley is Kobold nobility and is the General of the Two River Army as well as the leader of the Kobold section of Two River. He is highly respected by Kobolds in Dunan and is an extremely fierce general in combat. He was one of the few leaders in the Jowston Alliance who was preparing his soldiers for war and thus his addition to the Unification Army drastically increased the quality of the troops. He is somewhat untrusting of humans due to the constant conflicts between the different races within Two River.

However, after Two River was attacked by Kiba's 3rd Army, he agreed to fight together to protect the town. Later on, he participatesed in a few tactics at the suggestion of Shu. Once he acted like he retreated due to disagreement with how Shu had placed the Kobold forces towards the front, but in the next battle, he suddenly attacked the enemy from the rear, which totally surprised Kiba and Klaus.

Later on, he was sent on reconnaisance by Shu, but was ambushed by Highland and [Harmonian:Harmonia] armies. He escaped or was captured by the Highland army and then is set free by Leon Silverberg. Later, he may have died during the attack on Tinto and could have been replaced by his son, Boris. However, if he survived, he continued to serve in the Unification Army and served in the newly formed Republic. - Blue Moon

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after saving Two River City.