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Falena : Sauronix

The home of the Dragon Cavalry, Sauronix is the main fortress in southwestern Falena. The castle, overlooking a port on the Feitas, is where the Dragon Cavalry knights are stationed when not in battle, while the castle town is a haven for people who wish to get away from the internal struggles of Falena.

The fortress has traditionally served as the first, and primary, line of defense against any invasion by the theocracy of Nagarea. However, with the destruction of the land route between the two countries in IS 376, the Dragon Cavalry's role has become more of a symbolic one, although they still pledge to fight any foreign power who sets foot on the Queendom's land.

KoRnholio's comment:
Although I'm pretty sure the castle town only exists for the myriad of Rahal fans to congregate. Guess they don't know about his 'problem'.