Remote linking to avatars
Do not link to Suikosource images on forums, webpages, or anyplace else. If you wish to use the images, place them in your own webspace. We do not allow you to use them from our server.
Chat Rules is a private server, unlike public servers which try to attract new members to chatrooms those on are set up for private groups. Please do not go into another chatroom on the server without invitation. If anyone frequenting #suikosource is found doing so and harassing members of such chatrooms they will be banned from entirely.

Firstly the chat is an extention of the social aspect of the site, it is not mandated to discuss Suikoden at all points.
However, if asked nicely, members in the chatroom will in general answer any questions you might have on the games to the best of their ability. Demanding information gets nowhere.

If you wish to have a private chat with another member in the chatroom please create a private room for doing so or resort to an instant mesenger program.

As with the boards please be civil to other people in the chatroom. The channel operators are there to promote smooth running of the chatrooms and to punish anyone who steps out of line.

If at any time there is not a channel operator in the channel when a personal attack occurs or you wish to report an incident of a channel operator abusing their power please send the relevant portion of a log to and mark the subject clearly with CHAT.

To set up autologging on mIRC go to the options section and under the IRC menu select logging. Change the Automatically Log box to Channels or Both and click OK. You may need to exit mIRC for autologging to start. The logs can then be found in the mIRC folder on your computer under logs.
For other IRC clients please refer to the help files for details on how to set up autologging.

Punishing Transgressors
Anyone who breaks the above rules and makes a nuisance of themselves in the chatroom will be instantly kicked out and banned. From the logs of the incident a decision will be made as to whether to make the ban permanent or to reverse it.
In the case of a reversal a warning will be given to the transgressor and any later infraction will not be treated so leniently.
Accessing Suikosource Chat
The Suikosource chatroom is now on a private server; the chatroom is still called #suikosource. Please note that may not be available in the preset channel listings and is not the same as If you know about IRC and want to join us, come on in. If you don't know anything about IRC but still want to chat, keep reading and we'll explain a few things.
For a stable connection it is a good idea to get yourself a chat client. For Windows users, we recommend mIRC. For Mac users, we recommend Ircle. There are plenty out there to choose from, though.

The websites for both of these clients have excellent tutorials about how to get connected to a server and several other IRC-related issues.

Connecting from a Client
Once you have downloaded and configured your client, log into If it isn't in the preset listings you should be able to add it as an extra server or connect to it by typing /server in the server window. Once you're in there, join #suikosource, which is the name of the chat room.
Chat Applet
Should you be unable to use a client for any reason then we have a chat applet embedded in the site which can be found here: Suikosource Chat Applet.

It should be noted that as a Java based operation the connection will not be as stable as a client, and that closing the window will end your chat session.