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Do not link to Suikosource images on forums, webpages, or anyplace else. If you wish to use the images, place them in your own webspace. We do not allow you to use them from our server.
Suikosource Forums Rules

Suikosource is a forum to share information and have discussions regarding the Suikoden titles. Suikosource forums are not GameFAQ forums, they function very differently. Please review the rules before posting.

Improper posting on the forum works on a three strike system. Two official warnings will be given for any poor behaviour and then the user will be banned if this behaviour occurs a third time. Warning will appear in your PM box, not checking your warnings is no excuse for continued bad behavior.

AvatarsMake your avatars small.
Avatars must be less than or equal to 20KB and 100x100px.
Animations must not loop exceedingly quickly.
SignaturesSignatures are allowed, but are limited to 255 characters and 10 lines.
Images in signatures are not allowed.
ImagesImages in posts are allowed under the following terms:
They may be used only for explanations (like screens) that cannot, or can hardly, be described with text alone.
Images are limited to 100KB per file.
If a user abuses one of these rules more than once, his privilege to post images will be removed.
AttachmentsAttachments are allowed, but are limited to 256KB per file.
If you have a bigger file, you'll have to host it on your own webspace.

Board members can reach the moderators and administors in the Forum Support Board
Forums email address is: - but do note that due to the nature of this aged series, the email is infrequently checked!

What IS NOT allowed
  • Personal Attacks: The first and most important rule of the Suikosource forums is, it is not a place to show personal vendettas or display intolerances. Do not attack, or goad others into attacking, any board member for any reason.
    You are more than welcome to critique a person's opinion based on facts presented in the game, but do not attack the poster.
  • Why not? Suikosource should be a place where everyone feels comfortable to give their opinion even if it is not a popular one.
  • Advertising: Do not advertise another site. This is one of the few rules that will get you banned immediately, without resorting to the three strike system, if it is suspected you are a bot.
  • Going off Topic: Suikosource's various forums are split into categories such as Gameplay Questions, Setting Questions and In-depth Theories. When creating a new topic please use the appropriate forum and enter a descriptive subject (for example, an unacceptable subject is something generic like "Need help" or "A question").
    In any topic, please stick to the purpose at hand. If your conversation appears to be moving off topic, please create a new thread based on the new topic rather than continuing on in the old topic. If you do not do this a moderator may split the topic for you.
    Why not? The original creator of the topic had a particular idea in mind when he/she started. To steal the topic for your own means is disrespectful. Also, it is difficult for members to search through old topics when the subject title is not related to the content of the post, or if it was created in the wrong section.
  • Duplicate Topics: Do not create a topic when a similar topic is already present in the forums. Suikosource contains a Search Engine for searching through old threads. Unfortunately, due to a forum upgrade, very old posts may not appear in search results. Please do attempt to do a manual search through the forums before posting, however creation of a duplicate post of a very old post that does not appear in a search will not result in a warning.
    Do not create a second thread if your first one goes unanswered, even if it's in another area of the forum.
  • Spoilers When a new Suikoden game comes out there is a period of time where spoilers for that game are not allowed in most forums. There will be forums where spoilers are allowed and this will be noted in the subject line of these forums. Avoid posting spoiler information in any other forums (with or without a spoiler tag).
    Generally speaking the PAL region is the last region to receive a release of any particular game. Once the game has been our for a few months in a PAL region spoiler restrictions are removed. When this occurs it will be announced by a moderator or admin.
  • List/Opinion Topics: Types of question not wanted here include "versus" style questions; such as, "Who is better Riou or Jowy?" or survey style questions, for instance, "Who is your favourite character?". Creation of poll topics have also been disabled.
    Why not? Suikosource is dedicated to information and discussion. These topics usually devolve into a list of names with no details accompanying them and this stifles discussion and is a waste of space, or become entirely based on opinion and cannot be argued as no facts are presented.
  • Unjustified Theories: Opinion and review topics are allowed but only in certain forums. In each of the Gameplay forums there is a thread entitled "Reviews and Opinions of . . . ." These are the only places where you may add solely opinion based posts.
    All discussions must have a basis in facts within the game. Topics created with wild speculation (such as "I think Kyril is actually Yuber") which could not possibly be supported by any reasonable references within the game are not allowed. Please use common sense when creating topics.
  • Excessive Quoting: Try not to get into a quote war with another person. This will invariably end in personal attacks and excludes others from the discussion.
    There is no need to quote a person who has just posted prior to you. Quoting is for referencing earlier posts.
    When quoting please edit the content of the quote. We do not want most of a page taken up by an extremely large quote or a quote within a quote. If you do not know how to accurately edit a quote please PM a moderator or admin to ask.
    Why not? The quoting function, while useful, can be overused to the point of making topics difficult to read and also is a waste of bandwidth when used excessively.
  • Bumping: Do not post in a topic just to get it to appear earlier in the thread. If no one is answering your thread you are going to have to live with that.
  • Illegal Topics: Do not discuss anything that is illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, illegal drugs, solicitation, ROMs or other copyrighted products.
  • Linking to on-site Avatars: Please do not use any graphic on this site as your avatar on any other site, it is a drain on our bandwidth.
  • Excessive Avatars: Use common sense when choosing an avatar graphic. Any graphics that are deemed excessively large or distracting (such as rapid animation) will be removed and avatar privileges may be revoked.
    Why not? Believe it or not, some people still use dial-up and we want this site to be user friendly for them.
  • Immature/Unintelligible Posts: This is a catch all rule for any types of posts which are distracting. These includes posts all in capitals, alternating capital and lowercase letters, posting excessively in internet jargon short form, garbled English, excessive paragraph splitting, excessive use of bold or italics, etc.
    Why not? It is impossible to have a decent discussion with someone who you cannot fully understand.
What IS allowed
  • Resurrecting old Topics: You are encouraged to resurrect an old thread rather than create a new one of the same topic. There is no such thing as a thread that is "too old" to post in any longer.
  • Opinions/Reviews in the appropriate thread: As mentioned above, opinions and reviews are allowed in designated threads.
  • Fan Art & Fan Fiction: This is allowed but only in the Suikoden Fan Work forum. If you wish to get your art work featured on our home page, please contact a moderator or admin for consideration as a site artist.
  • Asking Questions: If you are ever unsure, please PM an admin or a moderator rather than posting something that may be inappropriate.
    Your other option is that any queries relating to the forums or how they are moderated may be sent to
  • Flagging Topics: If you see something that violates these rules, you are encouraged to use the "Report this Post" feature. However, please do not act like a mod if you are not one; excessive arrogance is not appreciated.
  • Editing your own post: If you wish to edit your own post after you’ve posted, your encouraged to do so rather than double posting (creating a second post right after one you posted earlier in the same day). When editing a post, please put "Edit:" before whatever you are adding so that everyone knows what is new content.

Ranks at this forum do not change with increased posting.

Site AdminSite Administrators maintain the website, can ban users and control any other aspects of the board.
Board ModBoard Moderators handle marked messages and user issues.
Guide WriterWriters of guides and lists, that will be eventually added to the site.
Resident ArtistOur Resident Artists.
Elite MemberIf any poster stands out for repeated quality posting they may be awarded the rank of Elite Member.
Registered UserActually not a rank, classifies every normal board user. Can post messages, create topics, send/receive PMs, attach files, change avatars etc.
Banned UserDue to violations of the rules, the user cannot post messages, send/receive PMs or make use of any other board function.