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There are many things in Suikoden that are of a controversial nature. Here are some in depth looks at them. This section has been divided even further. There is the "factual" section, that deals only with proveable facts, and there is the commentary section, where members of our guild expound on various topics.
How physical and magic attacks are calculated by the game.
There's a lot of argument over who's better, Sheena or Killey. See them go head-to-head in a cagematch to the death. Or something.
Numerous bugs plague the game. This guide describes many of them and offers fixes where possible.
How Hai Yo beat the crap out of Pesmerga
Everything you need to know about hunting for items.
In 2006 the first two Suikoden games were ported to the Playstation Portable, but only released in Japan. They are 'enhanced' ports, meaning they are the same as the PS1 versions with some alterations. This guide will show you all known and verified differences.
An explanation of the notorious Recipes Bug.
A look into the elusive demo version of Suikoden II.
This guide is just a small FAQ/Walkthrough for the demo of Suikoden II, and you will be able to see all that the demo offers.