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Star: Tenfu

Origin: Rainwall

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Lord

Born: IS 430

Death: N/A

The eldest son of the Barows household after Hiram Barows's assassination, Euram is a foppish lout who dreams of nothing more then beautiful princesses.

He meets the Princess in the Senate Hall with his father, Salum, and puts on a big show as to how much he loves the Princess. When he moves to kiss her hand, however, Miakis stops him, as the only men allowed to touch the Princess before she is married are her father and brother. However, Euram is determined to be her husband, and, with his gladiator Zegai, he will win the Sacred Games. Indeed, Euram's gladiator is quite skilled and the favorite to win. However, a Godwin plot that implicated Zegai as an Armes assassin forced Euram to withdraw his champion.

Euram returned to Rainwall following the Sacred Games and the Godwin takeover of the throne. There, he conspired with his father to gain power, using the recently deposed Prince and Lady Sialeeds. Euram's job was to hide General Jidan Guisu's army in the woods, and have them attack the Godwin forces as the Prince's ally. However, Georg found out about this plot, and Lucretia planned around it, having both the Prince's forces and the Godwin forces attack General Guisu. Guisu's forces were outnumbered and withdrew.

Infuriated, Euram returned to Rainwall. General Novum's forces chased them out of the country, and Euram angrily demands his father use the Dawn Rune on them, oblivious to the fact that the Prince and all of his retainers are present. Luserina, Euram's younger sister, immediately figures things out and has the Prince and Lady Sialeeds come with her to the basement. When they return, the Prince has claimed the Dawn Rune. The Prince's forces relocate from Rainwall to Raftfleet, and Salum and Euram are left to realize all of their plans are in ruins.

Euram strikes out on his own to avenge his family's honor against the Prince. With various, half-baked schemes ranging from cursed books to a bandit named Roy dressing as the Prince, Euram attempts to humiliate and destroy. However, his plots all backfire. Euram is nearly killed with his own curse, and Sialeeds engineers her own plot to humiliate him in Sable in response to his bandit plot.

Euram's last ditch effort is to hire two Maximillian Knights after Rainwall falls, but they end up siding with the Prince. Defeated, he returns to Rainwall. He stays in Rainwall with his father, unable to do much of anything. When the Prince's army captures Stormfist, the Godwins go to withdraw their troops from Rainwall, and Sialeeds, who has defected to Godwin, delivers the message. While in Rainwall, Sialeeds assassinates Lord Barows with the Twilight Rune, sparing Euram because with him in charge, the Barows family would fall to ruin anyway.

Euram is visited by the Prince. He is initially furious with the royal, blaming the Barows misfortunes on him, but Luserina appears. She tells him the faults of Barows were Salum's and Euram's fault, not that of the Prince. Coyed, Euram returns upstairs and talks with his mother. He realizes that Luserina is right, and wants to make amends with the Prince. He joins the Prince's army. Initially, many people are distrustful of Euram, but he truly is a changed man, and works diligently to apply himself properly. After the war, Euram abandons the name of Barows and works to make Falena a better nation. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: In order to recruit Euram, you must have completed the 2 sidequests involving Alhazred and Isabel/Mathias and must not have recruited Eresh. After the soldiers pull out of Rainwall, go into the city. Go back to your HQ and enter the Prince's room. Go back to Rainwall and talk to Euram in the Barows's mansion. Go downstairs and talk with Luserina.
Note: there may be a minimum recruit requirement you needed to reach before taking Stormfist or before the Barows/Sialeeds scene.