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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown


Position: Pirate King

Born: N/A

Death: IS 304

Known throughout the Island Nations, Edgar was one of the most famous pirates in existance. He was good friends with Brandeau, and a lover to Kika. Edgar's band of pirates had formed a strong rivalry with the band of pirates lead by the infamous Steele. Edgar and Brandeau, teamed up with Walter and headed to the final confrontation with Steele, with Edgar promising that he would return to Kika. Edgar's pirates then battled with Steele that night, and they were able to overwhelm him. Steele, in a last ditch attempt at victory released the Rune of Punishment killing Edgar and most of his crew. After the battle, Brandeau sent Edgar's body back to the Pirate's Nest in a coffin with his cloaked draped over it fulfilling his promise to return to Kika. - SnowKing