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Star: Chiraku

Origin: Middleport

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Musician

Born: IS 285

Death: N/A

Etienne is a musician from Middleport, and was private musician to the Reinbach family. He used to play for Reinbach III until he vanished mysteriously. Etienne was overjoyed when his master returned, and he learned that Reinbach was now a member of the Island Nation Forces. He was then asked to accompany them where he filled the Saloon with various musical tunes. After the war he returned to Middleport with Reinbach and his music was admired by all. - SnowKing

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: After recruiting Reinbach, speak with Etienne outside Reinbach's manor in Middleport with Reinbach in your group.