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Star: N/A

Origin: Crystal Valley


Position: Aristocrat

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Julie is Nash Latkje's sister. She lived a happy life with Nash in Crystal valley due to being a first class citizen and a member of the powerful Latkje family. However, this all changed after Zaj infiltrated the Latkje household as Julie's tutor.

After a while, Zaj was successful in courting Julie and the two get engaged. Julie genuinely loved Zaj, but she always felt that something was odd about him. However, she was torn when Nash killed Zaj and fled on the night before her wedding. She had no idea why Nash did this, but after she recouperated from her shock, she investigated Zaj's background somewhat and found out that his intention to marry her was not purely due to love.

Yet, when Zaj suddenly appeared to her again, she followed him. She knew that Zaj had questionable motives, but she did not want to believe that all the kindness he showed to her was fake. She unknowingly became a hostage of Zaj, and he used this as an advantage during his duel with Nash. However, Lena Suphina entered Zaj's mansion, with the help of High Priest Sasarai, and rescued Julie; thus allowing Nash to fight Zaj. - KoRnholio