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Star: N/A

Origin: New Armes Kingdom

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: King

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The King of the [New Armes Kingdom], King Jalat is from the Ishvaak Clan, a clan that is more moderate among the five clans of Armes, like the Madras Clan that the Vayla family is a part of.

King Jalat advocated peace with Falena, but the militant Darja Clan advocates conquering. When the Godwins tempt Maha Sparna and the Darja Clan with the promise of seceding all former Barows territory to Armes, the Grand Council of Chieftains in Armes agrees to work with the Godwins. However, King Jalat notices that Godwin is researching the Sun Rune heavily and will use it on Armes as soon as they can. This, and when Commander Sparna flees back to Armes in disgrace, leaving General Guisu to die, cause the King to decide to support the Prince's royalist army. He dispatches Shula Vayla, along with two of his bodyguards, on an unofficial goodwill mission.

With the Prince's forces in power, Armes can create a peaceful union with Falena, and benefit heavily from trade. After the war ends, King Jalat sends an official envoy, and allows Taylor travel to Armes to expose corruption among the militant chieftains, and allows Isabel to journey to Armes to fight evil. - Matt620