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Star: Tensoku

Origin: Crystal Valley

Events: Dunan Unification War, Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Special Ops

Born: IS 439

Death: N/A

Nash is the eldest son of the powerful and well-known Latkje family. As a first class citizen, Nash grew up surrounded by everything he needed, including the love of his parents and his sister, Julie. He also grew up with Lena Suphala, who is technically Nash's aunt, but only three years older than him. The Latkje family had a very strict view on education and thus Nash was sent to the Howling Voice Guild for training on combat skills under the tutelage of Master Sauro.

After enduring two years of training that at times made him throw up blood, he gained great skill in combat as well as the knowledge of the secret of gunpowder. With these skills, he entered the Temple Guards and mastered the use of his family heirloom--the Double Snake Sword, Grosser Fluss. Since then misfortune struck the Latkje family when Nash's father and mother both died of a mysterious illness. The only good news after this was the engagement and marriage of his sister Yulie with her tutor, Zaj Quilos, an adopted son of the Quilos family. However, Nash discovered the true identity of Zaj after taking a tissue sample of his dead father to Master Sauro. His father was poisoned by a type of slow-acting poison only known to members of the Howling Voice Guild.

Nash then discovered a squire class gunner called "Zaj of the Black Moon". On the night before his sister's wedding, Nash confronted Zaj about his true identity. Zaj at first acted as if he had no idea, but further probed he admitted that he gave the poison to Nash's parents. He regretted that his plans to take over the Latkje household didn't go as he has planned. Nash then saw a small pistol slide into Zaj's hand and whether it was reflex or anger--he drew Grosser Fluss and gave Zaj a mortal wound. After that, Nash fled Crystal Valley. Since then the Latkje family was virtually destroyed and Yuri was taken under the protection of a Harmonian high priest.

Nash then joined the Harmonian Southern Fringe Security Force at Caleria. The HSFSF was a place for similar people, most of them had no place to return to and all of them had some sort of skill that made them uniquely powerful special ops agents. Nash survived many missions within the HSFSF, but on one mission he was sent to Jowston to search for clues on True Runes. During this mission he learned that Zaj was still alive and was still trying to kill Nash. He ran into Zaj at Greenhill, where Nash was helping Teresa Wisemail fight against Highland. Nash then set on a return journey to Crystal Valley to fight with Zaj. After many problems, he finally returned to Crystal Valley and after a deadly duel, defeated Zaj.

Lena Suphala asked Nash to stay, but Nash simply disappeared. Somewhere in the next 15 years, he got married, but nobody knows who the lucky lady is. He resurfaced in the Grasslands at the outbreak of the Second Fire Bringer War, aiding Chris Lightfellow (at the request of Salome), and later the Fire Bringer against the forces of the Harmonian Bishop, Luc. He operated under the last name of 'Clovis' for unknown reasons at this time. After the task is done, however, he again disappeared, his whereabouts unknown.

In battle, Nash uses a wide arsenal of weapons. Nash is a psychological fighter who uses many tricks in battle to defeat his opponents. However, he also possesses inhuman fighting skills when wielding Grosser Fluss. He was able to fight with Seed and Culgan, both powerful Highland generals, at the same time using his sword. However, he prefers to use Grosser Fluss only when it is absolutely necessary due to a "curse" of the sword which makes Nash lose distinction between friend and foe. - Blue Moon, KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden III

How to Recruit: Joins automatically during Chris 2.

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