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Star: N/A

Origin: New Armes Kingdom

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: General

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A general of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps, Jidan has ties to one of the militant of clans within the Armes nation, and got to his current position by brown-nosing Commander Maha Sparna. Initially, he had made a deal with Salum Barows to invade and attack General Novum's forces. This would make the Prince indebted to Armes and allow Salum to consolidate power. However, Lucretia Merces, the Prince's tactician, discovered the plot and planned around it, making the Prince and Novum agree to a temporary truce and attack the Armes troops. Novum chased Jidan back to Armes.

Jidan would be a guest at the coronation of Lymsleia, and there, Godwin would make a deal with Armes. Once the Prince's rebel army was put down, Armes would receive all of Lord Barows's land as territory. Jidan would participate in the capture of Sable, but would find the city deserted and all the supplies taken away. Jidan would then advance on Lordlake, but the forces of Estrise, Sable, and Lordlake, reinforced by the Prince's army, would repel the invaders long enough that the civilians of Eastern Falena could be evacuated to [Sindar] Castle.

The Armes army would attack the homebase of the Prince's army, [Sindar] Castle, but Lucretia anticipated this move and split their forces between Raftfleet and the Dwarf Caves, fooling the armies. The Prince would gain the aid of the Dragon Cavalry and retake all of their territory. The Armes forces were on the run and retreat back to Sable. However, the Prince's army would arrive so quickly, they didn't have time to evacuate all the forces. Commander Sparna would flee through the gate to Armes and seal it behind her, preventing Jidan from following, giving her more time to escape. Jidan was enraged, but he resolved to kill the Prince's army, and return to Armes in triumph, and use that prestige to punish Sparna for abandoning him. However, he never gets the chance. He engages in combat with General Dinn and volunteers from the Prince's army, and ends up slain. - Matt620