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All Quest Guild missions and their requirements for completion.

Full Guide for Quest Guild missions, divided by type and rank.

Quests come in 2 types: Personal and Dispatch. Personal means Kyril will handle it himself with his party, for example gathering ingredients or defeating an enemy, while Dispatch requires sending an ally away for a period of time. For the ally to be successful he/she must meet a minimum stat requirement.

Quests marked in blue belong to Chiepoo and quests in red to X & Co. How you approach these missions has some effect on the game, helping Chiepoo will make him rich and expand his shop while helping X & Co will ruin him. Helping Chiepoo is required to recruit the Mercenaries.

Personal Quests

Fur Capes WantedE5 Fur CapesShop: Nay Island
Game on!EBeat Rita at her new gameRazril
Get the imposters! (Part 1)ESpeak to victimsGossip: Na-Nal, Middleport
Giant Bird Feather WantedEGiant Bird FeatherLoot: Ostrich Man, Ostrich Lady (Terana Plains)
Hand DeliveryETalk to MaxineHermitage Island
Mackerel WantedE20 Mackerels Shop: Nay Island
Mega Medicine WantedE7 Mega MedicineShop: Any
Seeking Treasure Hunt PartnersEHelp Rene dig for treasureDeserted Island
Wholesale ServicesE10 Furball peltsLoot: Furball (Terana Plains)
An Unforgettable TasteDKnight's LunchShop: Razril
The Bronze MedalDBronze MedalWin: Get a C Rank on any map
Catch the Eat-and-Run BanditDCatch CedricMerseto
Dear Friend...DComplete the steps and get the Rose Crest1 Shop: Buy Salt
2 Gossip Middleport
3 Gossip: Obel
4 Gossip: Razril
5: After Ch. 14, you will be forced into a battle in Terana Plains
6. Inn: Middleport
Delivery to the Deserted IslandDTalk to Merchant(?)Deserted Island
Fight Fish With FishD10 BonitoShop: Nay Island
The Flower of IluyaDOne-piece dressShop: Haruna
Dig: Fort El-Eal
Give Us A SignDRainbow ShellLoot: Giant Crab (Deserted Island)
Medicinal Roots WantedD3 Savage Sprout RootsLoot: Savage Sprouts (Terana Plains)
Robes WantedD3 RobesShop: Razril, Middleport
Ruins of Obel (Part 1)DAncient CoinDig: Ruins of Obel (3F)
Savage Sprout Seeds WantedDSavage Sprout SeedsLoot: Savage Sprout (Terana Plains)
The Ultimate Ingredients (Part 1)DSavage Sprout FlowerLoot: Savage Sprout (Terana Plains)
Blue Savage Sport Flower WantedCBlue Savage Sprout FlowerLoot: Savage Sprout (Xasta Grassland)
A Feverish ChildCWater Spirit FragmentLoot: Water Spirit (Ruins of Obel)
Frog Skins WantedC3 Frog Skins Loot: Demon Frog (Xasta Grassland)
Get The Imposters (Part 2)CHelp Keneth and KatarinaFort El-Eal
A New Menu (Part 1)CAncient RecipeChest: Ruins of Obel (3F)
A Present For Big BrotherCLightning Spirit FragmentLoot: Lightning Spirit (Ruins of Obel)
The Ruins of Obel (Part 2)CAncient ParchmentDig: Ruins of Obel (4F)
The Silver MedalCSilver MedalWin: Get a B Rank on any map
Stones of Happiness WantedC5 Stones of HappinessDig: Mido Shallows
The Ultimate Ingredients (Part 2)CDragon FinLoot: Elemental Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Elemental Chamber)
A Diamond's Sparkle Is Like... B5 DiamondsLoot: Spider Beetle (Mido Shallows)
Dig: Mido Shallows, Ruins of Obel
Giant Crab Shell WantedBGiant Crab ShellLoot: Giant Crab (Mido Shallows)
The Gold MedalBGold MedalWin: Get an A Rank on any map
Missing ChildrenBSave all the children in the battle.Ruins of Collanbal
A New Menu (Part 2)BOstrich Egg TailLoot: Ostrich Woman (Xasta Grasland)
A New Menu (Part 3)BHorned Behemoth TailLoot: Horned Behemoth (Xasta Grasland)
Representative WantedBDefeat the MercenariesMiddleport Underground Passage
The Ruins of Obel (Part 3)BAncient DishDig: Ruins of Obel (5F first time only)
Savage Sprout AttackBDefeat the enemiesRazril
Ultimate Ingredients: EarthBEarth Dragon MeatLoot: Mother Earth Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Mother Earth Chamber)
Ultimate Ingredients: FireBFire Dragon MeatLoot: Rage Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Rage Chamber)
Ultimate Ingredients: LightningBLightning Dragon MeatLoot: Thunder Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Thunder Chamber)
Ultimate Ingredients: WaterBWater Dragon MeatLoot: Flowing Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Flowing Chamber)
Ultimate Ingredients: WindBWind Dragon MeatLoot: Cyclone Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Cyclone Chamber)
Diamonds WantedA3 DiamondsLoot: Spider Beetle (Mido Shallows)
Dig: Mido Shallows, Ruins of Obel
Fragments of the Five ElementsA1 of each Elemental FragmentLoot: Elemental Spirit (Ruins of Obel)
The Most Amazing MedalAS-Rank itemGet an S Rank on any map
A New Taste SensationADragon BunShop: Iluya
Only The BestAPrime Gold OreDig: Xasta Grassland, Deserted Island, Ruins of Obel
Rage Dragon Egg WantedARage Dragon EggChest: Ruins of Obel (Rage Chamber)
The Ruins of Obel (Part 4)AAncient RingDig: Ruins of Obel (5F second visit or after)
Secret Letter XATalk to Merchant(?)Deserted Island
Dragon Scales WantedS3 Dragon ScalesLoot: Elemental Dragon (Ruins of Obel: Elemental Chamber)
A Letter Of ChallengeSDefeat the MercenariesRuins of Obel: Flowing Chamber
The Ruins of Obel (Part 5)SAncient SwordDig: Ruins of Obel (Mother Earth Chamber)
The Shine of PlatinumSPlatinumDig: Ruins of Obel, Mido Shallows
Loot: Golems (Ruins of Obel)

Dispatch Quests

The Missing DaughterESTR 55 Days
Mouse InfestationEAny Nay-Kobold10 Days
My Cat Is MissingESPD 10
Evasion 10
5 Days
Part-Time Help WantedEHP 1010 Days
Pirate Hunt (Part 1)ESTR 1010 Days
Private Tutor WantedEMAG 18
SKL 15
20 Days
Shop Clerk WantedEMAG 125 Days
Spring CleaningESPD 2015 Days
Advertisers WantedDLCK 12
SKL 12
30 Days
Eradicate The Fish Monsters!DATK 8015 Days
Help Avenge Iluya IslandDHP 110
STR 20
15 Days
Night Watchman Wanted In MersetoDHP 150
STR 20
20 Days
Escort Supply TransportCDEF 7010 Days
Help Us ExpandCSTR 15
MAG 15
15 Days
Operation: Gorgeous!CAny adult female20 Days
Product Recall!CKate or any Nay-Kobold15 Days
Retrieve Our Stolen CargoCATK 8010 Days
The Smuggler's ShipCSTR 20
MAG 20
20 Days
Sparring Partner Wanted (Part 1)CSpear user
STR 25
SKL 20
18 Days
Steamed Bun SouvenirsCLCK 158 Days
Bouncer WantedBATK 10030 Days
Pirate Hunt (Part 2)BSTR 25
MAG 25
20 Days
Protect The Village From PiratesBATK 110
DEF 60
30 Days
Sparring Partner Wanted (Part 2)BGreat Sword user
STR 35
SKL 30
18 Days
The Collanbal TreasureASKL 45
SPD 30
20 Days
Sparring Partner Wanted (Part 3)AStaff user
MAG 45
18 Days
X & Co.'s RevengeSATK 11025 Days

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