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The staff at Suikosource have created many guides to help you through Suikoden IV. Almost any information you might want to know about the game is listed here.
List of the enemies, stats, and what they drop.
A compilation of the Comment Box Letters receieved during Suikoden IV.
Complete list of the ending lines for all characters.
List of the Equipment Sets and their bonuses to the character when fully worn.
A list of what allies each character will protect when low on health.
A list covering starting levels for all characters on recruitment, as well as initial equipment, runes and items right from the start.
At what MGC levels do characters gain magic points and unlock rune slots.
A list of each unit available in naval battles.
A guide to the minigame of Ritapon
An exhaustive database of all available runes in the game. This guide also makes note of any non-playable runes mentioned in the game.
List of character's affinities with elemental runes.
The range and probability of each stat growth.
A list of each support character and the effect of their skills on the party.
This is a list of unites: their names, characters involved, and properties.
The weapon names and strengths for every level.