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Tips and tricks that will help your gameplay or simply amuse you.
This section details several tips, tricks, and other such in-game secrets. If you know of one that we don't have, please let us know!
Level 99 trick 
The level 99 trick can only be done in Chapter 1 of the Chris POV. In the first major battle between the Zexen Knights and the Lizard/Karaya alliance, you are told to retreat, and the battle is quite difficult, but it can be won. If you win, you will be awarded with an increase in two levels for Chris, Borus, Roland, and Salome.

The level 99 trick involves dying after this level increase, and then repeating the process over and over until you get to level 99.

This is rather tedious, but there are methods to make sure things go smoothly. Blue Moon has created a step-by-step process for this levelling trick.

Infinite Money Trick
The infinite money trick in S3 also involves the armory. The method is a lot more simpler this time, however.

Once you are in chapter 4, visit the armory (This doesn't work in previous chapters). There, speak to Dominick and try to buy some armor. Once you are at the menu, press the triangle button, This allows you to buy armor for someone who is not in your party.

Keep buying, even if you are about to run out of money. Keep buying even when you do run out of money, because apparently Dominique doesn't mind. Keep buying the most expensive stuff. After that, sell sll of the expensive stuff... Then spend it all on other expensive stuff, like honing your weapons. Then repeat the process.

Hopefully they won't fix this in the US version.

The Grand Prize 
If you should find yourself very lucky and win the Lottery Grand Prize you will be rewarded with infinite potch! Your potch amount will even change to UnlimUse.
Longer Magic Animations 
Some magic spells have two animations, one long that will play the first time you use and one shorter version that will be used afterwards to cut down on the time you spend in battle.
If you wish to see the longer version again, simply hold the triangle button on your controller when the spell is being cast.

Some spells to try this on are Eternal Wind, Hellfire and Final Flame.

Statue Sets 
In your statue room there are a few combinations to try for added effects.

Hex S + Hex x 4 = Blue glow in room, Hex Dolls' eyes open and glow yellow
Knight S + Knight x 4 = Green glow and all knights have sword raised instead of down
Goddess S + Goddess x 4 = Blue glow, Goddess statues turn their urns upside down (like pouring)
Goddess S + Knight x 4 = Red glow and all knights face the goddess
Goddess S + Peeing Boy x 4 = Red glow in room, Peeing Boys all turn to face the wall
Dragon S + Knight x 4 = Red glow, Knight statues face the Dragon S with swords raised