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This is a collection of user-submitted editorials, on topics related to the Suikoden world. If you wish to send an article to appear here then please check the Submissions Page for further details.

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Editorials maintained by darkannex

True Rune theories

Theories on the True Runes

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Demon Eye | April 12, 2005

S2's Jowy: A perspective

The character of Jowy Atreides/Blight has polarized Suikoden fans for years.

Suikoden 2 spoilers are here en masse

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darkannex | April 02, 2005

A throw of the dice

Many people automatically assume that Chinchororin is a gambling game played in Japan using the same rules as those found in the first two Suikoden games; this is extremely unlikely to be the case, but that does not mean that the game as performed in Suikoden has no relevance to oriental gambling.

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Shirofan | April 01, 2005