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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Fire Bringer War

Position: Flame Champion

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

His real name not known, the Flame Champion is the heroic figure who liberated the Grasslands from Harmonian oppression with the help of the True Fire Rune and his Fire Bringer.

He began attacking Harmonian convoys with his small band of men and his True Fire Rune, and as his organization grew, he recruited more people. However, to free a large amount of Grassland prisoners being held by Harmonia, he traded his freedom, and was incarcerated in Harmonia. Four years later, his men busted him out, and he continued fighting for the freedom of the Grasslands. After another four years, Harmonia sent a massive force into the Grasslands, and the Fire Bringer War swung into full force. As the war came to a head and the final battle begun, the Flame Champion lost control of his True Fire Rune, and a massive explosion occured, killing countless people on both sides. The intense destruction caused Harmonia to offer a 50-year truce, but it also drained the Flame Champion's energy. He gave up his True Fire Rune because all he really wanted was to spend the rest of his life with his love, Sana, a mortal. An ageless life would not permit that, so he sealed off the True Fire Rune, and lived his remaining few years with Sana. He remained a legend in the Grasslands well beyond his day, and his spirit aids his successor 50 years later when they unseal the True Fire Rune.

The moniker is also adopted by either Hugo, Geddoe, or Chris during the Second Fire Bringer War, depending on the player's choice (although canon indicates that Hugo is the "correct" choice). - KoRnholio