Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
407 - Fire Bringer War Begins
A Grasslander known as the Flame Champion begins a guerilla campaign against Harmonia with the help of his True Fire Rune and the Fire Bringer, a group of bandits he formed. Thusly the Fire Bringer War begins.
417 - Flame Champion Imprisoned
After ten years of war and some gains, the Flame Champion gives himself up to Harmonia in exchange for 5000 [Grassland] prisoners. In his absence, the Fire Bringer lose power over many villages they had concquered.
421 - Flame Champion Escapes
The Fire Bringer break the Flame Champion out of Harmonian prison and help him regain his True Fire Rune. The war flares up again.
424 - True Fire Rune Devastates Grasslands
Harmonia escalates the Fire Bringer War by sending a large force into the Grasslands, but their army, along with that of the Fire Bringer, is mostly decimated by the massive explosion caused by the Flame Champion losing control of his rune.
425 - Fire Bringer War Ends
Harmonia signs a 50 year non-aggression pact with the Grasslands, ending the Fire Bringer War.
475 - Second Fire Bringer War
The Lizard and Karaya Clans in the Grasslands ambush the Zexen Knights at a peace treaty negotiations at the Amur Plains following the Lizard Chief Zepon's murder, and fighting between the Grasslands and Zexen continues. Meanwhile, Harmonia attacks the Grasslands, capturing the Safir Clan and attempting to invade the Chisha Clan. In response, a young Grasslander boy named Hugo gains control of the True Fire Rune and becomes the new Flame Champion. After some hesitation, the Grasslands and the Zexen Knights are united under this new banner and the Second Fire Bringer War begins. The Fire Bringer suffer initial defeats but then drive the Harmonians under Bishop Sasarai from Brass Castle. Luc, another Harmonian Bishop, gains control of all five True Elemental Runes in an attempt to destroy his True Wind Rune, and Sasarai's Harmonian forces switch sides to help the Fire Bringer face Luc and his forces, who are soon defeated.
The Grasslands is home to several different tribes of people, known as the Six Clans of Grassland. Alma Kinan, Chisha, Duck, Karaya, Lizard, and Safir. The government is very decentralized and confederated: The trives are allies and help each other; they interact on a daily basis, but there is no central government to rule them all; the Karayan tribe governs Karayan land, the Lizards govern Lizards, and et cetera.

Karaya, under chief Lucia, joined the Highland Army under Jowy Blight during the Dunan Unification War, to reclaim land that Greenhill had taken from Karaya. After Highland lost, the Karaya returned to their original land, but not before Mayor Teresa Wisemail investigated Lucia's claim that Gorudo and Alec Wisemail had murdered her father Kinua.

Headed by Chief Lucia, the Karaya Clan is an aggressive warrior and hunter clan. Their children learn from an early age how to hunt. Most of the men use curved swords, while the women tend to use distance weapons such as bows. There is a very small structured hierarchy, in that the Chief is the most important person and that everyone else, men and women, are the same. The Karayan village, burned down by the Zexen Knights in the Second Fire Bringer War, was rebuilt at the end of the war, with the help of the new chief, Hugo.
The home of the Lizard Clan, a warrior tribe of bipedal lizards. Headed by Chief Zepon, they have a close tie with the Karaya; the leader of the army: Dupa, and Chief Lucia, are known to have drinks together on occasion. The Lizard Clan often clashes with the Zexen Federation.

The complex cave system here is strategic as well as comfortable for the Lizard Clan, who crave the darkness and moisture. They used their complex cave systems in previous wars to attack the Zexen 'ironheads'.

A village located between Tinto, Caleria, and Camaro. This village was preyed upon at one time by troops of the Allied Army of Dunan during the Dunan Unification War. Although these troops were acting against their own military code, the Allied Army's administration was not aware of the pillaging that went on in the Grasslands. Due to this fact, the people in this village are extremely skeptical of the goodness of the newly created nation of Dunan. However, due to the fact that they were rescued by bandits by the hands of Camus, Miklotov, and the Lampdragon Trio, they seem to have regained their trust in their new neighbors.
A tribe that lives near the middle of Grassland in a permanent settlement known as Duck Village, the Duck Clan is known for their cooking and that the clan is a group of walking, bipedal ducks. Oftentimes, Duck clansmen are hired as guides for parties traveling eastward. They are generally peaceful, but are known to be among the first to charge into battle when battle is necessary.
A clan of all women, the not-often-seen beauties of Alma Kinan are spiritualists who commune with nature and often have powers of prophecy and foresight. The powers vary from woman to woman. Headed by the young Chief Yuiri, they have a permanent settlement deep in the Kuput Forest that is protected by a magical barrier. Only an Alma Kinan can get outsiders through the barrier.
A peaceful clan that lives in the eastern section of Grassland. Headed by Chief Sana, Chisha is known for their clothing and for their cooking. They are much more pacifistic then the other peoples of Grassland.
The never-seen Safir Clan is one of the tribes of Grassland, but they were wiped out by Harmonia when the larger nation invaded.
A village inhabited by werebeasts which was destroyed by Windy.
A vast plain that lies between the Karaya Clan and Vinay del Zexay. Random rocks and bushes line the road, but otherwise there is very little to see.
An system of underground caverns connecting the mountains near the Great Hollow with the open plains of the eastern Grasslands. Accessible from it is an underground Sindar Ruins, where Wyatt Lightfellow partially sealed off the True Water Rune.
A Sindar Ruins far north of the Great Hollow. The site where Luc intended to destroy his True Wind Rune, but failed.
Not really a mountain, but a somewhat hilly forest area near the border with Zexen, where bored children wander off to. Gigantic lobsters inhabit the area, and apparently score lots of expensive treasure from unwitting travellers.
A large forest leading to the Alma Kinan Village. Not often travelled, especially because the path to Alma Kinan itself is protected by a magical barrier which teleports the hapless wanderer back to where they came from.
On the northeastern edge of the Grasslands lies a secluded cave where the Flame Champion sealed the True Fire Rune, after he decided he didn't want to bear it anymore. Under the care of his wife, Sana, the Rune is kept here and later retrieved for use when Harmonia invaded again during the Second Fire Bringer War.