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Star: Chisu

Origin: Rainwall

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Bandit

Born: IS 432

Death: N/A

A young bandit on Mount Ranryo, Faylon is the older brother of Faylen and assistant to the Bandit Prince Roy.

When the real Prince shows up, Faylon thinks he is merely Roy until Faylen spots the truth. But the Prince beats him, and goes after Roy. Faylon defends Roy after he is beaten, stating that Roy was put up to what he did by Euram Barows. Sialeeds thinks of a clever plan to trick Euram and gets Faylon to go along as a condition of his pardon. With the real Prince, he pretends to attack Sialeeds, Lyon, and Dinn, so that Euram will come to the rescue. But Faylon turns on Euram and fights with the Prince.

After this, Faylon is pardoned, provided he returns the things he stole, which he agrees to. He returns to the mountain to begin returning the things, but Faylon actually doesn't help move it, so it takes far too long with Faylen doing it alone. The Prince and Roy show up, and help him return it. Grateful, he joins the Prince's army.

Faylon knows that Faylen wants him to be a better older brother, but he's not exactly sure how to do that. He asks Maroon and Muroon for advice, since they have two little sisters, but since beavers age quicker then humans, they aren't going to be much help. He is suggested to ask the Prince for advice, but he can't because he doesn't believe he can be as good an older brother as the Prince.

Muroon gives him a wonderful idea though. Ask Luserina about her brother Euram, and whatever Euram did, do the opposite. Roy acts like the junior member of the three bandits, despite the fact that he is the oldest. Initially, the Bandit Prince plot was to have Faylon dress as Georg. But Faylon was too large and the costume ripped. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Three ways to recruit: 1. After dueling with Roy, choose "Fine. Let's see what you've got", "I was only trying to clear my good name...", and "All right, it's set!", and Faylon and Faylen will join you. 2. After defeating Roy in Sable, find Faylon and Faylen in Ranro Mountain in the furthest room, help them return the loot, pick up all 3 parts in that room, and talk to the person in the mayor's house. 3. If you did not recruit Faylen and Faylon and choose to defend the castle, you can talk to them (dialogue choices don't matter).

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