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Star: Tensyo

Origin: Sol-Falena

Events: Falenan Civil War, Sun Rune War

Position: Oracle

Born: IS 411

Death: N/A

Haswar is the daughter of Princess Shahrewar, the eldest daughter of the late Queen Olhazeta. A civil war between Shahrewar and Falzrahm dominated after Olhazeta's death. Although Shahrewar was technically in the right to succeed, Falzrahm would try for the throne herself. The two princesses feuded, using Nether Gate to assassinate many influential members of their party. Eventually, Shahrewar gave up her right to succeed, wanting to end the war. But Falzrahm, excessively paranoid, thought it was a plot and had Shahrewar assassinated anyway. Falzrahm would die after two years on the throne.

The three princesses of Falena: Arshtat, Haswar, and Sialeeds, entered into a pact. To prevent that kind of war from ever happening again, Arshtat would ascend to the throne, and Haswar and Sialeeds would renounce their claim. Also, neither Haswar nor Sialeeds would get married or have children.

Haswar would become the Oracle of the holy land of Lunas. During Arshtat's reign, she would watch over the Prince whenever Arshtat was too busy with politics. Haswar first met Lymsleia when she came to be purified in the holy fountain, and thought she was the cutest little girl ever. When she realizes Lun and Logg were stealing gold dust, and quickly deferred to Sialeeds, who always had a better head in politics, what to do so that they could be punished without making the royal family and Raftfleet enemies.

After Arshtat's death, the Prince and Sialeeds fled to Lunas following a brief rest at the East Palace. Haswar gave them sanctuary, but the Godwins soon learned they had gone to Lunas because some priests, who believed Haswar should have been Queen, told them that the two royals were resting there. Haswar told them to flee through a secret elven path to Rainwall while she stalled them. Although she knew Lord Barows was not to be trusted, he was the only person strong enough to protect them at that time.

Haswar went to Sol-Falena to stay with Lym, and was responsible for placing the crown on the Princess's head when she was coronated. After the Queen's campaign, she returned to Lunas. The Prince returned to Lunas with the aid of the elf Urda, who wanted the elven priest Isato to return to his home. However, Isato would not leave because his duty required him to protect the Oracle. However, Haswar decided that she was going to leave Lunas. She asked if she could join the Prince. She knew she could not replace Arshtat or Sialeeds as a mother figure, but she wanted to help the boy somehow. The Prince accepted her offer.

Haswar gives big hugs to everyone she thinks is cute. Although Fuyo doesn't mind when Haswar does this, Toma thinks he's too old for that. Haswar also loves the beavers, and hugs them at every opportunity, although she can't decide which is the cutest.

After the Prince's army retakes Sol-Falena, Haswar shows the Prince and Lyon the secret path to the [Sindar] Ruins in the Ashtwal mountains. After the war ends, Haswar helps with the placement of all three runes in the Sun Palace, to prevent something like the misplacement of the Dawn Rune from ever happening again.

Haswar returns to Lunas and continues serving as the Oracle, although she was worried about the royal family dying out since the only royal women left were Haswar herself and Lym. So, later after the war, Haswar announces that she is to be wed. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After the Queen's campaign, return to the Lunas Northern Woods with Takamu in the party. Talk with Urda and go through to Lunas. In the Master's Conclave, enter the dining room for a scene and the three will join your party regardless of your choice. As you exit [Lunas North Woods], Haswar, Isato, and Urda will officially get recruited.