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Star: Chikou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Scroll Maker

Born: IS 461

Death: N/A

Hortez VII is the son of Nefentitiri Radames Ampenhetep Iruiktanas Antikoseus Puto Remaios Kureakias Dimetirios Farasmuseian Ishak Saraj Amenenuhet Tatomes Hatshepsut Toto Ank Amen Hortez VI, and ran a scroll-making shop at Budehuc Castle. He was very out of place in the Grasslands, and could never find his way anywhere. After the Second Fire Bringer War, he set off to Harmonia to open a shop. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden III

How to Recruit: Speak to him at Duck Village, Chisha Village and then Caleria. Speak to him in Duck Village again, and give him the wrong directions.