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Star: N/A

Origin: The Tower

Events: None

Position: Guild Master

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Kelley was born within the Howling Voice Guild and was raised within "The Tower". He had always been good friends with Clive and Elza, and despite the often fatal training, the three managed to preserve a certain humanity and loving kindness. However, when the three of them all become Knight Class Gunners, everything changed. Due to Guild rules, the newest Knight Class Gunner must become the Guild Master; the Elders chose Kelley because they thought he would be the easiest to manipulate. However, Kelley was unable to use Sturm since Elza was chosen as its owner. Because the Guild Master had to be able to use Sturm, the Elders ordered Kelley and Elza to duel. The Elders told Kelley that the duelling gun, Stern, will be loaded, while Mond will not be loaded, and told Kelley to choose Stern. However, Kelley chose Mond, knowing that that will mean his death. He was tired of being a puppet for the elders and most of all, he did not want to kill Elza. As he died in Elza's arms, his last words were, "I loved you and Clive." - Blue Moon