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Star: Chikei

Origin: Iluya

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Chef

Born: IS 272

Death: N/A

Kevin lived along with his wife Pam on their home island of lluya, where they operated a cafe, specializing in their famous Steamed Buns. When Iluya was destroyed, they managed to survive, and washed up all the way on the shores of Nay Island, where they were taken in by the village chief. Lazlo soon offered them a home and a job onboard his ship, and they agreed.

On the ship, he cooked food for the people on the ship and was able to meet other chefs like Funghi, whose own delicious food spurred Kevin on to even further perfect their specialty recipe.

After the war, Kevin returned with his wife to Iluya, where they reopened their shop, to great success. The international merchant Chiepoo (whom they met earlier on the ship) liked them so much he decided to help them market the buns to his customers from around the world. They are constantly trying to research new variations of the recipe, even contracting out mercenaries from Middleport to find new ingredients for them. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after making an alliance with Nay Island.