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Star: Chisatsu

Origin: Raftfleet

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Vice-Admiral

Born: IS 414

Death: N/A

Kisara is the Vice-admiral of Raftfleet and serves as Admiral Raja's aide and second-in-command. Kisara is the wife of Logg and the mother of Lun, and also played something of a mother figure to Subala. When she was young, she was the desire of all the men in Raftfleet and beyond. When Logg won her, everyone was ready to kill him. Apparently, the start of their romance is a fascinating story, but the few people who know it were sworn to secrecy. Not even Lun knows about it.

The Prince first meets Kisara when he delivers Lun and Logg to Raftfleet. She treats the guests with courtesy, but Raja allows Kisara to punish her family in any way she wishes, and she quickly meets out their punishment, cleaning a thousand barfish.

The two meet again after the Prince sides with Lord Barows and asks for Raftfleet to join his army. Raja refuses because Barows is not trustworthy. Despite the fact that Raftfleet does not with the Prince, Kisara allows the Prince to use Logg's ship to travel anywhere they like on the Feitas. She feels that the Prince, because he returned Lun and Logg to Raftfleet, saved their lives. If the Prince had taken them back to Sol-Falena, they would have been caught in the middle of the coup d'etat, and almost certainly would have been killed then, if not killed before then as criminals defiling Lunas.

After the Prince leaves, Raftfleet receives an ultimatum from the Godwin forces: surrender their autonomy or be destroyed. Raja refuses, and the Godwins send the royal navy, headed by General Bahram Luger, to subjugate them. However, the Prince, who has recently sprung Lady Lucretia Merces from jail, arrives to defend Raftfleet. Raja and the Prince combine forces to repel the invaders, and they are victorious. Because Raftfleet women always repay their debts twice over, Raftfleet pledges itself to the Prince's cause, and Kisara is sent as Raftfleet's representative to go back with the Prince.

Kisara serves the Prince, and, when it is discovered Barows has stolen the Dawn Rune, she invites the Prince's entire army to Raftfleet.

During the war, Kisara serves the Prince as a high-ranking commander. She detects Logg has gotten back into smuggling when he gives her an expensive bottle of wine, and chides him for doing such things. Kisara always makes time for family even during the hardest of times. The night before the final battle, she insists that Lun, Logg, and Subala all have a big meal together. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the defense of Raftfleet.

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