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Star: Teni

Origin: Na-Nal

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Soldier

Born: IS 276

Death: N/A

An elven swordswoman, Selma lives in the Great Tree with the elves. They lived somewhat peaceably with the humans, a policy of non-interference governing them.

Hwever, when the Chief of Na-Nal sells the island to the Kooluk, the elven chief decides to teach him a lesson. The chief needs an elven remedy to give to a bunch of soldiers that Lazlo's army injured, and so, the chief "allows" Lazlo and Lino En Kuldes to take it. However, the remedy is actually poison. Selma listens to the elder and brings the two men and the son of the village chief, Axel, to the Great Tree prison, but she breaks from the elder when she finds out Kooluk will kill the people of Na-Nal and frees them.

For her defiance, she is banished from the Great Tree, and she joins Lazlo's army instead. She acts stoic, much like Paula, but she is gracious to him for taking her in. After the war, her banishment, as well as Paula's, is lifted, and they return to the Great Tree together. - Matt620