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S1 Cover

Suikoden I

The first game in the Suikoden series follows Tir McDohl as he becomes a fugitive from the corrupt empire ruling the land around him. The Gate Rune Wars involve a handful of the 27 True Runes: Ted's Soul Eater, Leknaat and Windy's Gate Rune, Joshua's Dragon Rune, Luc's True Wind Rune, Neclord's Moon Rune, and Yuber's Eightfold Rune.

Tir is the first name of the main character in novels released only in Japan. He is not given a first name in the game.

Platform: Sony Play Station
Medium: 1 disc
Memory File: 2 blocks on Memory Card
Data Transfer: -
Release Data: Japan 1995-12-15
USA 1996-12
Europe 1997-04
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