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<< Nemi NeonClover  (neonhideout) Omaik >>

Neonclover started drawing at the age of... eh, when she learned how to hold a pencil... and changed to anime/manga style at the age of 11. She's really frustrated that she's acquainted with most, if not every good manga artists from her home country, and thus can't call them names for being so much better than her.

She came in contact with Suikoden at the age of 15, and just after she turned 16 she joined the now extinct online community for Suikoden fans called Castle of Kain, where she used to 'play' as Sierra (because she's always had this thing for vampires), and also where she met Darkannex (Wakaba/Yoshino) who happened to drag her into becoming a resident artist.

She also happens to have a few screws loose and is completely addicted to online roleplaying, thus making the busy time schedules of many of her friends even busier, either because they'll be dragged into a roleplay or because they'll want to keep busy so as not to let that happen.

Art wise, she's 100% positive everyone else out there can do better than her, but for some odd reason she's slowly becoming more famous than she'd ever hoped. Despite her disliking her own art, she will occasionally tutor other beginner artists, since she happens to be a more patient teacher than you'd expect.

Top 5 Favorite Games

  • Star Ocean 2nd Story
  • Shining Force/Fire Emblem series (tie >_<; )
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • SaGa Frontier

Favorite Characters
Luc, Yuber, Nash, and Branky

All art by NeonClover

Chris     Mel and Branky     The Sleepy Silverberg