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Star: Tenkai

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Magician

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

An acid-tongued sorceress dressed in all black, Zerase is a snide, smarmy lady who knows a lot about Runes and magic. She has a bad habit of showing up, insulting everyone who so much as breathes in her general direction, and disappearing just as quickly.

Not much is known about the woman, other then her magical aptitude and knowledge about runes. Her unique rune, the Star Rune, is a powerful derivative of the Night Rune and can match the power of the Twilight Rune. Zerase knows much about many things, but mostly about runes. She is familiar with the Three Runes of Falena, as well as the Night Rune. Zerase also heavily implies that she knows much about the [Sindar], Jeane, and other mysterious things.

Zerase was closely connected to the Three Runes of Falena, and does not hesitate to insult the royal family when, two years after the Dawn Rune was stolen, they still could not find it. Zerase disappears without a trace, before even the Queen's Knights see her, so she escapes being captured by Lym.

Zerase shows up in Rainwall, intently concentrating on trying to locate something. As it turns out, it was the Dawn Rune, and when the Prince found it and the Rune selected him, Zerase appeared and said he must prove himself worthy of it, or she will kill him and give the rune to someone more suitable. Angered, Lyon moves to attack, but she disappears again.

Zerase appears again after the Prince uses the Dawn Rune at the Ceras Lake Ruins and uncovers a vision of the Sun Rune destroying an ancient kingdom. Zerase admits that the Prince being chosen was no accident, and she will stay to observe and help him. Lyon and Sialeeds are not pleased, but agree to this.

Zerase doesn't answer any questions about runes until the siege of Doraat, when she and Sialeeds recognize the Twilight Rune being used. Zerase is offended that someone so "unworthy" would bear it, and she volunteers to go and retrieve the Rune with the Prince. When she finds Alenia, the rune bearer, Zerase calls the Knight a fool, that the Twilight Rune chooses it's own host, and Alenia, who came to bear it through a trick, could never use it. The Rune goes berserk, but Zerase is able to subdue it's power. However, the interference of Dolph prevents Zerase from taking the Rune back. When Zerase discovers Jeane was the one who got Alenia to bear the rune, she stated she simply had to accept what happened.

Zerase comes to claim the rune during the Queen's Campaign from Alenia by going with Roy, telling the boy to act more regal to act as the Prince. However, Alenia no longer bears the Twilight Rune.

The rune had been removed, but a new host would be seen soon enough. When the Godwins are down to Sol-Falena and Stormfist, someone uses the Twilight Rune, and with a great deal more power then Alenia's attack. Zerase fears the bearer of the Rune this time was selected by the rune itself. She volunteers to go see when the Prince attacks Stormfist.

The bearer is Sialeeds, who had defected to the Godwins, and, although, Zerase and the Prince can overpower her, she escapes.

Zerase attempts to take on Sialeeds herself when the princess goes to destroy Sol-Falena's south dam, but Sialeeds is much too strong. When the Prince shows up and fights, the battle is soon interrupted by the Sun Rune being used from Sol-Falena. During the first attack, the Dawn and Twilight Runes protect their bearers and those close to them, including Zerase, but during the second attack, Zerase orders the Prince and Sialeeds to turn their runes onto the Sun Rune and seal it. With this done, Zerase tells Lucretia there is no need to worry about the Sun Rune for a while.

Zerase is last seen in the palace where Haswar and the Rune Keeper are transferring the Dawn and Twilight Runes, removed from their hosts, and placed alongside the reclaimed Sun Rune, so that no problems like the theft of the Runes can happen again. Content with this, Zerase disappears and is not heard from in Falena again.

Zerase is acquainted with Leknaat, who calls her "traveler of the night and bearer of stars", and adding that she can see whom the stars selected to stand alongside the Prince. However, Zerase does not consider herself worthy of such a title. People's will determine destiny, not the other way around, and Zerase herself is just one star among many. - Matt 620 (articles), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after you acquire your headquarters.

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