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Star: N/A

Origin: Warrior's Village

Events: Gate Rune Wars

Position: Chief

Born: IS 409

Death: N/A

Zorak is the chief of the Warrior's Village as well as father of Tengaar. He is very proud of his heritage and of the history of the Warrior's Village, and will tell people his very long tales at any time. Often these are of the great warrior Klift who founded the village 400 years in the past, how the might of the village's soldiers have kept it independent through the years, or basically anything else that has ever happened in the village. He is fond of his daughter's boyfriend, Hix, believes him to have a successful future, and hopes they marry. However, his plans were sidetracked when Neclord attempted to take Tengaar as one of his 'brides'. The strength of the village was useless against the runic vampire, and Tengaar was carted away to Neclord's Castle. He turned to Tir McDohl, Viktor, and the Zodiac Sword, and his daughter was saved. With the ordeal over he returned to his duties as chief and father. - Blue Moon