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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Fall of Kooluk


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A half-goat demi-human, who was summoned from the World of Emptiness, the same world where the Giant Tree (the source of all rune cannon ammunition) came from, at the same time that Warlock summoned the tree. She was stuck in the world, unable to communicate outside of her home. However, she met Walter, a Scarlet Moon spy, and the two fell in love, and had a son, Kyril. They travelled with Kyril (who was unaware of her status as his mother, and simply was a mute travelling companion) as they were researching rune cannons in Kooluk and the Island Nations (to try to find a way back to her home world), until Walter was turned into a fishmonster on the Pirate Steele's ship, and perished. Now Yohn was the sole caretaker of the boy, and she would travel alongside him as he searched for information on rune cannons. She has the ability to communicate with the dead, and is able to reveal the final thoughts of Prince Martin, Emperor Julius, and Heinz.

At the final showdown at the secret facility of Kooluk's Patriarchal Faction, she found her ticket home, and was able to jump back into her world. When Kyril followed her in, she and Walter (whose soul was present) told their son everything, and invited him with them to her world. Kyril, however, went his own way, and Yohn and Walter returned to her world by themselves, together in peace. - KoRnholio (article), Basel (image)