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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War, Second Fire Bringer War


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The Star Dragon Sword's origins are a mystery: he claims to be the incarnation of the Night Rune but it may just be embedded in the hilt; a comment by Sierra suggests that his original form was not of a sword, but neither she nor the sword have elaborated further.

The sword is capable of speech, movement, and can draw on the abilities of the Night Rune for magic and power over creatures of the night. How long the Star Dragon Sword had resided in the Cave of the Past is unknown but it was long enough for the fact to descend into folklore.

In the aforementioned cave the sword encountered Viktor, Tir and his party and threw them three-hundred years into the past, (since such actions have not been repeated it may have been that the sword was drawing on the power of the Cave of the Past for this feat.) When they returned Viktor claimed the sword and they began a master-servant relationship; unfortunately both sides believe themself to be the master.

The power of the Night Rune was strong enough to disrupt Neclord's protective shielding and the vampire was seemingly destroyed in the Lorimar region. The Star Dragon Sword was retained by Viktor throughout the remainder of the Gate Rune Wars. Following the defeat of the Golden Hydra, Viktor and Flik travelled north to Jowston and there Viktor abandoned the sword in the Cave of the Wind tiring of its incessant demands.

However when Neclord returned Viktor was forced to retrieve the sword and it decided to punish him by attacking the party. The sword did relent when it found out that Neclord still lived and agreed to go with Viktor solely to destroy him once and for all; they failed at the first attempt but when Neclord decided to attack Tinto he was finally defeated by Viktor and the sword with the help of Kahn Marley and Sierra Mikain.

The Sword was instrumental in bringing the blacksmith Tessai into the Unification army as he only agreed to come when he found out that it would enable him to work on this legendary blade

The sword stayed with Viktor for a number of years on his wanderings; they, along with Flik, came across a village attacked by vampires where they met Edge: a yound swordsman out to try and rescue his sister from the monsters. Viktor allowed Edge to wield the Star Dragon Sword and told him to keep it safe after the vampires were defeated; Edge believes that Viktor did this to bestow on him a great honour and awaits the time when he can return the sword, however Viktor only did this as he had become tired of the Sword once again. Edge journeyed to make himself a better warrior and sustained himself in duels with people drawn to the sword's appearance and the sword was offered as the prize. However when he was defeated he could not hand over the sword as that would have meant he could not fulfill his promise to Viktor; instead he offered his services as the payment and joined the Fire Bringer along with the Sword. After the war was over the pair headed south in search of a undislosed foe of the Star Dragon Sword. - Blue Moon